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Ben - this looks absolutely amazing and the kind of game that's missing from the industry today. Best of luck at EGX and godspeed, fellow traveler!

Ah that's cool - I really liked the XYX demo, so will look forward to purchasing the finished game. Good luck with it, and thank you!

Ah great - thanks for confirming, and apologies for the dumb question. It definitely makes it more impactful when the sound kicks in upon starting a game. I really love your aesthetic, and your overall mecha design is really compelling - just the right amount of chunky, with lovely detailing. Would there be any plan for a future update with things like different visual effects for bombs from each ship? Dare we even hope for new ships? G/Y are awesome enough though!

Hi Gryzor - really love it so far! Just quick question - is the title screen supposed to have any music or SFX? It's silent until I begin a game. Windows10, Atom X5 Z8300 (Cherry Trail), 4GB RAM, seems to run without any problems on Intel integrated graphics on this processor.