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I adore this game. I have never been a fan of war/guns/military the way that I have seen some people in my life be, and I really appreciate how this game treats those things not as something to be glorified, but  as a danger and something to be wary of.

Some other things I loved:

- the art style! the pixelated versions of the characters were so cute, and the close-up shots added dimension and personality to their dialogue.

- the side quests!  they're a really cool and clever way to encourage exploration in the game. 

- gaining morale instead of xp. this is kind of a minor detail, but I really liked how my choices (esp in dialogue) would affect the morale of my characters. I liked seeing my characters happy and motivated, and that gave me an incentive to play in a way that would gain morale. like I said, it's super minor, but it made me more empathetic towards them, which is cool!

I can't wait for the other chapters to come out! Keep up the good work!

I absolutely adore this game.  The art style is so cute, the story is engaging and witty, and the characters are all so lovely. I also especially love the theater-esque style of the game; it's a refreshingly original idea for a visual novel. Also, the direct engagement with the player at the end of each act gets a resounding YES from me!

I'm looking forward to the other acts coming out (heh) in the near future!

I love the design of this game. The immersive sound and environment creates a sense of desolation and abandonment which makes the story it is trying to tell all the more haunting. Absolutely recommend.