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Did a quick update to squash a bug. Enjoy!

Thanks! :D

Sorry, I don't have any videos or trailers yet. The game is still in a very alpha state so it probably won't have any videos any time soon. I'll let you know when I get one ready though!

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Here's where anyone can post ideas or tips as this project progresses!

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Here's where all the patch notes will be. I will be updating this as I add new things to the game!

Ver 1.0:

  • Hey guys. For this first version, there isn't much to do. Mostly it's just to test the lighting and the platforming.
  • For next time: physics changes so that you don't accelerate when you fall, Then I need to add the shooting animation, and then I'm going to try to implement the dialogue system to talk with the character you find at the end.