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Being trans isn't a personality trait, it's just a human aspect. There's literally no need to have a reasoning for a character being trans, or a reasoning for a character being black, or anything like that, because people of all kinds exist everywhere. Even if they're only a half a percent of a given place's population, they still exist everywhere, and there doesn't need to be some special reason for them to exist. One of my best friends is trans, for example. There's no underlying reason he is, he just is. One of my other friends is black. I don't live in Africa, I live in North America, but he's not considered weird. He was born here, raised here, and is treated no differently. He's just a person who happens to be black. There's no need for a reason for a person to be a person.

Also, I noticed you accidentally said "she's" there? Caelum is a man, so it would be "he's".