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Hello!  This is an ongoing issue with Adobe Flash going "extinct" indeed. I am looking into porting the game to another platform.

Hi, this game was made in Adobe Flash and is an .swf file. I'm not too sure about porting to other platforms :/ 

Thank you! I fully agree with your feedback, this game was done for a school project and barely scratches the surface of the complex issue of homelessness. There is certainly a lot more to be said and shown that I will definitely keep in mind if even I revamp the project. 

Hi, sometimes you need to enable Flash depending on your browser, check this link:

Thank you!

Thank you for playing and for the video! I'm glad you are looking to raise awareness on the issue of homelessness, as it is also my goal with this game. Homelessness is a complicated issue (far beyond the scope of my simple story) and I encourage you to learn more about it!

Thank you for playing and for the video playthrough!

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Thank you for playing and for the video playthrough, I listened to your commentary and am glad that you care about the homeless!(Btw, yes, there are more than one ending :) )

Of course! I have emailed you :)