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The 10's on the oxygen thingy do not do anything (remains at 22 but is still lowering) The oxygen light is constantly on aswell.

Realistic in the sense like, For pc simulator, Not just a few clicks, like actually setting up a new PC, It doesent really matter on graphics (It kind of does in the voting criteria though but graphics are your choice)

I know you guys see this, I see you chatting over there, jsut saying hi... Nobody helpin a poor old dude who wants to join in on the fun.

Alright so yknow looked at some posts and the instructions before buying this, I saw english stuff, I saw that they said that they made it so you can switch the language to english, [Btw you can't] So, some cons, also I have no pros so just some cons and why I wish I hadnt spent a single penny on this.

  • No language change [Even though instructions and all forum posts are english, including the title]
  • Cant see shit due to a giant bar covering 3/4 of the screen
  • Can't even read the giant bar covering the screen
  • Cannot play due to the giant bar
  • I cant do anything because of the giant bar
  • Everything revolves around the fact that they said you could CHANGE THE LANGUAGE and the giant ass fucking bar covering the goddamn screen.

Agreed, kind og bs how the bar covers the screen and I can't even tell what it says,

so apparently they added an english version?..

Sorry to waste the time,


Thats what you mean by 1-bit, correrct?

I'd say its progress


Tools still not showing up... pls help ;c

Iwant to ask an honest question, calmly not out of anger, has anyone ever finished this? haha

Tools do not appear at any point in the game, Aka I can't play at all.

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Please stop posting this.

Uh, so the tools don't show up? Any way to resolve this issue?

I have some very big lag issues with this, mabye you can add a Graphics Setting?

Ive reinstalled this game on 3 differant computers at least 4 times on each PLEASE TELL US WHY THE TOOLS DONT APPEAR

Tools dont appear - Please reply