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Nice atmosphere from these short tracks, I like the contrast between the pieces

Great vibes in these tracks, the create a good coherant feel to the game, but having contrasting elements within them to get that two worlds idea

Great oldschool vibe, and good job making two tracks that have different vibes but mesh really well together

This was really fun to listen to. I love the heavy focus on vocals and the live performance, it works so well and sets it apart from a lot of the entries. Love the contrast between the dwarves and snow white as well, great thematically

Really like the idea of having the HD and 8-bit versions of the songs. Two really contrasting songs, both sound great.

Love the atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, lots of great textures

Impressive work for such a short time, I really liked the format of having the four themes as a continous piece. Everything was nicely balanced with good instrument choices and good tension and release

Thank you! Yes, I agree about the piano+brass, usually I would but they got sacrificed in the shorter jam time!

A lovely cover, very chill and dream vibes

Hauntingly beautiful. Its a really lovely track

Groovy! Listening to this makes me wanna be kartin'

This track has a nice progression, stays interesting and doesn't get stale. The middle part is my fav!

Gosh darn, that is a beautiful arrangement. The arrangement itself is very nice, but the mockup and programming is also top notch!

Love the overall vibe you've made here, and some very nice smooth transitions!

This is a lovely chill track, great job capturing the laid back vibe

Such good energy in here, with really good orchestration and mixing. Really love that intense drum beat that carries the tempo

Nice arrangement, runescape sure did have some bangers on the soundtrack

That is delightfully soft and delicate. Lovely orchestration, just love Terra's theme and this is a great version

Really nice medley, got some lovely transitions in there, real smooth. Nice use of labs and the built-in instruments here.

Damn, that's beautiful. So raw and peaceful and serene. Just a really human take on this music, which I think really fits NITW well. I can imagine this being used as a credits music, it would be a really great vibe for having just finished the game

Fantastic energy, really good performance, loved listening to this

Bold game choice for a dreamscapes theme - but it pays off well! Some fun sounds in here, and its structurely nicely too

I like the vibe you get from this, its an interesting take on the JRPG battle music genre. I think the melodic elements need to be a lot louder - that kick beat drowns everything else out a bit, which is a shame as theres some good stuff going on.

Really lovely textures throughout the piece, love the instrument choice.

This was a fun version of the track, I enjoyed listening to it. The transition at 2:13 was a little abrupt, but otherwise good job

Really smooth, I can completely imagine hearing a track like this in an old fashioned JRPG tavern

Well this brings back memories! Very smooth transition between the tracks, a joy to listen to

I like the tracks, its sounds really good, especially as its all virtual instruments and not live. I would have liked to see a little bit more variation to get more of the seasons theme in though

Yeah that's smooth, really chill. I feel more at peace now having listened to it

Nice vibes, I enjoy your unique take on the theme of seasons!

Love how chill this music is, and interesting to listen to throughout. Really nice mixing too, sounds great

Really atmospheric, sonically coherant as an OST but each area still has unique traits, nicely done

Some really interesting and lively tracks here, I can see them workign great as backing tracks to the game you describe

Really nicely put together, sounds clean and professional. The image goes so well with the music, and it's remending me so hard of an old video game but I can't put my finger on it. Nicely done!

Really nice track, I love the blend of different instruments, and the journey the music goes through. Starts heavy with the farming then hits you with that 8-bit action before looping back again

I really like the energy you've put into the different tracks, it fits your description well. its lovely music, and the quality is pretty good considering its just a general midi sound font.

Very peaceful and beautiful sounding. It reminded me a lot of Neir's music, especially with the piano and plucked strings

Lovely piano piece, I enjoy the kind of quiet haunted feeling you get from those really high piano notes contrasted with the deeper notes

This is a joy to listen to, very good pacing of the music, love all of the different instruments working together, creating some really interesting textures and sounds.

Really fantastic, so well paced and really beautifully arranged