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Ah, I see what you mean now. I've tried to make the game playable at different aspect ratios, and so making that level just have a plain screen wrap wouldn't really work.

I'll see if I can think of some solution (changing the height isn't a bad idea but would mess with the level design a bit), but as it is I don't feel it's too much of a problem.

I definitely appreciate the feedback, though, and thanks for elaborating!

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Thanks! The music is definitely something I'm working on before the full release, I plan to make it more dynamic.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean about scrolling and screen-wrapping, though. Are you just referring to how the camera moves when the player is warped around? Or is there a specific level/part of the game that feels awkward?

In any case, thank you for playing and for leaving feedback!

Brilliant! Reminds me a bit of the game I'm working on, Dimenshift. Though I'll say you executed the whole "direction is meaningless"/non-euclidean concept a lot better than I did.

I love how everything's seamlessly connected, and after exploring and getting lost for over an hour I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of this game.

Great job!

There are now leaderboards in update 1.1!

Snake³ (Snake Cubed) takes the classic snake formula and adds a third dimension. There's not much else to say about it. Hopefully soon I'll be adding leaderboards and mobile controls.

It's out for free and I just hope someone will enjoy it.

Play Snake³ Here

I'm always open to feedback and suggestions, let me know what you think.

Wow, thanks! Though I doubt it'll be GOTY, I'm happy to know you like it! I'm still working on this game and hope to get it to completion within a reasonable amount of time.

I appreciate the feedback! Could you be more specific on what you found unintuitive? A few aspects of the game are supposed to be mysterious/vague, so knowing what exactly you have in mind would help me make the game better.

Sorry to hear you've quit working on it. I would definitely revisit it later, though, I think the idea has some potential!


Yeah, that portal you talked about is something I did early on and honestly forgot about, I'll definitely change that.

As far as a reset button, do you mean for the game or for the level? Why did you feel like you needed to restart?

Sorry for such a delayed response.

I played the update. The new map is much better, and makes it much more enjoyable. Keep it up!

However, I think the game is lagging on my device, because it still feels painfully slow. My PC isn't super high end, but it's by no means slow, so I don't know why it would be lagging so badly on this 2D game. I don't know what you can do about it, but it might be worth looking into.

So for many more months than originally intended, I've been working solo on Dimenshift, a platformer about exploring a strange dimension.

I've posted it here before (sorry for making a new topic, the old one got archived) but I've made a lot of changes since, and figured it was time to ask for more feedback.  I'll take any feedback I can get, but I'm mainly looking for:

  • Feedback on the level design and mechanics. I want to know about any areas that feel cheap/unfair, and I want to make sure that all of the mechanics are interesting or fun to interact with.
  • Audio. I'll probably redo the current background music, but it has the general vibe I'm going for. All of the sound effects are potentially final.
  • Any other little thing you might notice about it.


Probably one of my favorite entries so far based solely on how much I enjoyed it. But, I do particularly like these sort of platformers.

The main mechanic is clever and very well implemented. The level design makes good use of it.

The lines between pixels and the screen transitions are very nice touches and make it feel like a real Nokia game.

My only critique is that visually some of the elements are confusing at times, just because they're so simple. The player doesn't look very distinct, and at one point it was difficult to tell which way the spikes were facing. Overall, though, it was never a big deal and didn't really affect my enjoyment of the game.

Great job, keep it up!


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I initially thought about using two-digit codes for everything, but I felt like the codes would then be too "close together" and it would be a lot easier to accidentally enter a code you hadn't discovered yet.

In retrospect, it wouldn't have been that hard to use two-digit codes for movement and such while still using three digits otherwise, and that probably would have done a lot to alleviate frustration with the movement. I didn't think of that beforehand, though. Oh well.

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

This is very impressive, and very polished! I feel like I would play this regularly if I had it on a Nokia phone.

It does give me retro Nintendo vibes (in a very good way). Honestly there's not much I can think to say about this because it's all so good. It feels like a complete game, not something made for a jam. Good job!

The one thing I would say, is that if it were actually a phone game, I'd make the plants take longer to grow to encourage more incremental play. But for the jam the speed worked great, so that's not really a valid critique, lol.

Nicely done, I enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the movement issues.

Definitely! The biggest thing I struggle with in game design is probably balancing difficulty.

Honestly it's not that bad, it was really just the only critique I could think of. Like I said, it might just be me, because I like puzzle games, so that sort of stuff might come easier to me. (Maybe.) And if this was a longer game with more levels, it probably wouldn't even matter.

Great little puzzle game! I enjoyed the unique mechanics, and the puzzles were well done, and it's well polished.

Honestly the only critique I have is that it's unclear where leaving the screen takes you to another room. It'd be nice if there was some sort of indicator.

Overall, though, I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Good job!

Thank you! I definitely agree; that's why I do game jams in the first place, to come up with original ideas.

I just felt that playing it was a lot more frustrating than I originally intended.

However, I'm glad you enjoyed it! That makes one person at least, :)

Nicely done!

The core idea is basic, but well executed. It's well polished for a jam game, and I enjoyed my time with it.

The visuals are nice, and fit the game well. The last level had me scratching my head, and was satisfying to finally figure out. I also appreciated the coins as an extra optional challenge.

My only critique is that a few of the early levels felt too easy, and even the way to get the coins is kind of obvious. But that may just be me.

Overall, good job!


Yeah that's pretty much exactly why I'm not exactly happy with this game, I realized too late that inputting codes for this kind of movement wasn't really "fun" long-term, but using regular inputs for movement sort of ruined the concept.

I think the codes would work better for a different kind of movement (or game entirely), and if I ever revisit the idea I'll start from there.

Thanks so much for playing and for your encouraging comment!

I was planning on making my game mobile friendly, and adding a virtual number pad imitating the Nokia's physical number pad.  I'm assuming this is fine as long as the playable area adheres to the restrictions, but I wanted to make sure.

Much better! It's much more playable now. I liked the new font for the letters, also.

Two things:

Maybe the game is lagging on my device, and I don't realize, but it still feels really slow to me. I would be okay with the enemies moving faster if the player could also move faster. The slow speed makes the game drag.

Second, and admittedly I'm not a fast typist, it starts off a little too difficult for me.  It'd be nice if there was a difficulty setting further limiting which keys are used to shoot. For example, the easiest setting could use "ASDF" for the left or "JKL;" for the right. I also would appreciate starting off with facing just one enemy at a time instead of them being in pairs.

Between the game speed and my struggling with the difficulty, I wasn't very motivated to keep playing it. However, I do still think it has potential! I look forward to seeing what other progress you make on it.

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I didn't intend to, but I played the whole thing in one session, I got so into it!

The concept is great and works really well, but the game is also very well polished and thought out, great job.

The difficulty balance is almost perfect. A few of the puzzles had me scratching my head, but I was never frustrated.

My only critique is that the sound that plays when you get to promote a pawn doesn't really work for me. It doesn't go with the music, and is a bit jarring. That's it, though. Other than that I loved it!

I also really appreciate the mobile support, it works well with a touch screen.

Hi, I tested your game for a bit.

I like the idea that you're going for, but unfortunately I don't think it works very well with using the arrow keys to move. That means that I always have to have my right hand off of the "normal" keyboard position, and that I have to use just my left hand to "type." Since this will never be how I normally type, I feel like it defeats the purpose of the game.

Maybe you could play with maybe making it some sort of auto-scroller, or a game where you have to type certain words to trigger different actions. Or, you could make the player stationary, and have enemies come at the player from different directions. Then, you could have different keys for shooting in different directions, those keys can change like the current one.

Alternatively, you could keep more of the game the same, and just limit what keys you use to shoot to just the left side of the keyboard. Then, later in the game, you could switch to using ASWD to move and the right side of the keyboard to shoot.

It doesn't matter exactly what you do, but the player can't use the whole keyboard to type and also move at the same time.

Like I said, I like the idea, I think is has potential, and I definitely don't think you should give up on it.

I also like the art style a lot, the sprites look good and have their own unique style.

One other thing, if you keep the mechanics close to how they are now, the player moves way too slow in my opinion. I suspect you might have done this to give the player more time to find the right key, but it makes it feel too slow to me. Just a thought.

Okay, thanks, I appreciate it! I'll keep it in mind as I get more feedback.

Thanks so much for playing, and for your feedback!

I intended for that to be part of the challenge, not knowing exactly where the player is. However, I've gotten similar feedback from others. How would you feel about it being a sort of difficulty or accessibility option?

This game was really well done! It feels very smooth and polished, and the art style is cute and looks really good.

I like the tongue mechanic, it works well and is a cool idea.

For the most part, the level design was challenging, but didn't feel too unfair. However, a few things did make it feel a little unfair (to me at least):

  • The hitboxes on the "poison mushrooms" (I guess?) seem way too big. Very often, I find myself dying when I'm standing on a brown mushroom with a purple one next to it, because I move just slightly before I jump and it's so sensitive it kills me. Making those just a bit smaller so that didn't happen would greatly improve the experience for me.
  • While jumping works pretty well, it's kinda weird that if you start going left/right in midair, you can't stop. I'm not sure if this was intentional, and if you were going for totally classic/arcade feel, that's fine, but it's kind of frustrating that you can start moving in midair, but you can't just drop down straight after letting go of the left/right button.

Those two things combined made me more and more frustrated as the game got harder, even though the level design was great.

Also, I think it'd be nice to explain the controls in-game. It's kind of weird to have to go to the game page for that. Having some remappable buttons would be awesome, but I understand if you don't want to do that.

All in all, the game is fun! I enjoyed it, but I think the game would be even better if the frustrations above were addressed. Ultimately, it is your game though, so take my feedback (or any) with a grain of salt.

I really enjoyed this game! It was fun, and feel very polished and well designed, so good job! Here's some of my thoughts:

What I liked:

  • The mechanics are interesting and work really well together. I like that the slimes aren't just obstacles, there are cases where you can use them as tools to help solve the puzzle. Things like this keeps the game interesting.
  • The art style is cute and fits the game well. The sprites are well done.
  • I'm on level 19, and so far, the puzzles are well done overall. Few of them feel unfair, and most of them gave me that "Aha!" moment once I figured them out.

Suggestions/Small Critiques:

  • In whichever level you first need to get rid of the slime with the spikes (I think it was 13), it took me forever to figure that out. Maybe it was just me (it seems obvious in retrospect), but I felt like there was no indication that that was even a possibility.
  • Also around level 13/14, there was a huge difficulty spike, at least for me. I went from figuring most levels out in 2-3 tries, straight to it taking me a long time to figure each level out. I don't mind the harder levels, but it seemed kind of sudden. I know it's tough to balance, but a more gradual increase in difficulty would likely be better for most players, in my opinion.
  • Occasionally, there's a glitch where after picking up a box, I couldn't move to where the box was. If you'd like I can try to figure out the levels where it happened.
  • The character movement feels kind of slow to me, and it makes the whole game feel a little slow. Making the character just a little faster would make the game feel much smoother and snappy (again, in my opinion).
  • The "Level Failed" screen also feels too long to me. I found myself rushing to click the restart button just to avoid having to sit through that screen for a few seconds. It wasn't horrible because I could press the restart buttons, but the few times I didn't get to it in time were annoying. Just making it slightly shorter or skipping it with a click would be great,
  • The door sprites are a bit confusing. When they're blocking your path horizontally, it looks like you should be able to walk behind them. It's not really that bad, but I think something like a simple box/block with a lock on it would make more sense and look less confusing/jarring.
  • This would make a great game for mobile! It would work fine with a simple "swipe in the direction you want the character to go" control. I don't know what engine you're using, but if it's something like Unity or Godot where porting it isn't a big deal, then i think adding touch controls would be worth it. I would gladly download this on my phone.

Sorry if this is too long, but I like to give detailed feedback. And don't take the long list of suggestions wrong, I really like the game!

Ultimately this is your game, and you have to decide what to put in it, so don't feel like you have to use even any of my suggestions. I look forward to seeing it improve and will definitely play it more!

I assume there's no rules against monetizing the game after the jam? Just want to be sure.

Thanks so much for playing it! I actually appreciate the wall of text, lol. I'm just going to address each of your points:

  • The character was intentionally a little abstract and vague, going along with the mysterious/cryptic theme of the game. I see your point, though, and will definitely consider changing it if more people feel the same.
  • I mainly wanted the enemies in the first level to be basically harmless. There's moments in later levels that are meant to teach you that they're harmless, so I didn't figure it'd be a big deal if new players avoided them for awhile. Again, I'll keep it in consideration with future feedback.
  • I hadn't thought of the powerup looking similar being confusing, but you're right. Will definitely change that in the future.
  • Glad you liked the secrets! That's a big focus of the game.
  • Thanks for mentioning the level that felt unfair. I want it to be challenging, but not brutal and definitely not unfair. I'll look into it.
  • Not knowing where the character is exactly is supposed to be a part of the challenge. But, if many players feel the game suffers for it, I'll rethink it.
  • "MAP" being illegible is just an oversight on my part, thanks for mentioning it.
  • Thanks for bringing out the other map UI bits, I haven't really gotten around to polishing it, so I'll keep them in mind.
  • The white "powerup" icon is actually unrelated to the black one. This is related to the same issue with the "pizza icons" and I will probably change that.
  •  I'll keep the thought about secret levels being more clearly marked in mind.
  • In my testing, levels before 4 shouldn't require the double jump, unless you accessed a secret area that required the double jump to get to. I'll be sure to double check, though.

Thanks again for playing and providing such in-depth feedback! It is much appreciated :)

Over the past  month or so, I've been working on turning Dimenshift, a project I made for a game jam awhile ago, into a complete, releasable game. I feel like it's coming along pretty good so far.

While I would say it's far from done, I feel like the core mechanics are pretty much done. If they need any tweaking, I'd like to do so now, before I finish fleshing out the levels.

So, I'd really like some alpha testers for this game. Any kind of feedback is appreciated, from tweaks to the core gameplay to critiques of the level design.

About the Game:

Dimenshift is a sci-fi inspired platformer that focuses on the Dimenshift Device, a device that allows the player to shift slightly out of their current dimension, allowing them to walk through walls and evade enemies.

The game features a maze-like level structure that encourages exploration, somewhat inspired by metroidvanias.

The project is here:

A note I forgot, I also added a Windows download. I had difficulty running the web version when downloaded through the app, and figured this would help.

Thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and appreciated the controller support.

I've gotten enough interest in this game I'll definitely keep working on it!

(Thanks for the follow, also)