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Cool game! The art is super nice

There is a cool software called "Parsec" which can allow friends to remote-control someoen else's PC so that you can play together! Maybe you could look into it and suggest it in the description of the game!

This game made me feel something

One of my favorite games of the jam. I got 1.103335E+09 money and then my game crashed. 4/5

I fall through the floor every time ;-;

As long as it's a positive video :) Send a link to it if you do

Thanks for playing, guys! It's good to hear that some people actually got to play it. We were having trouble balancing the game since there were only 2 of us and we couldn't really get that much testing in. The "ghost vision" was a bit of a last minute thing and I think takes away from the experience as a whole because it just means as you said, they can wait around corners and get the scientists too easily. If we made a second revision, tweaking the ghost/scientist interaction would be one of the first things we'd do. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Sure! The aim of the game is for the Scientists to search the level to find key cards to open doors and to find their way to the exit before the Ghost gets them! I'll add this to the description of the game!

Level 3 won me 2 years worth of Qazi games