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Heavy Game jam community · Created a new topic Limitations

Note that limitations are taken in consideration in choosing the winner of the Heavy Game Jam 

You can access to all further information in my Discord server 

Thank you for joining

i don't know why this bug is there

i think it's related to who owns the program and who doesn't

i tried to copy pretty much everyfile i have into the zip so if nothing works i can't really do more 

sorry :c

there is something you gotta delete in a file i put that link in the how to install :D

no way

i did not find any of the actual boosts you showed and neither action :/

thanks mate

I love my game lol

I love those type of game but where is the sound D':

Good job man :D

Pretty good but the game is a bit :0 if you know what i mean

Pretty nice art and the sound is a bit sad 

Game ended when i was near the camp fire 

Maybe we should have more items in the game

A bit lonely without the game and a bit slow too 

Good job :D

Very sexy game i tell you 

the items sometime spawns out of the screen which makes it impossible to end the game soo 

Nice job :D

1507 clicks :D

Addicting game but then again where is the sounds?

Pretty game but still wasn't able to move the camera after clicking 

Still it has a beautiful music and a great idea

you are right but the time it took me to do this game wasn't as long as you think

Maybe today after i stream your games i'll add some more features to mine :D 

How does that sound?? 


Can i have a new discord link please?? 


it was lovely but still my idea would make it like mario and luigi mini game

I refuse give me MOOORE xDD

i can help you out to find more if you want :D

i did not read the story honestly 

BUT if you fix the game a bit amma stream it again :D good job

everybody against cancer

i would recommand to make the keys press with arrows and add more to the game :D

so cool but the power when i press E still need a bit of work 

I also didn't hear any music or sound effect 

Good work :D

Beautiful game 

Enjoyed all of it 


Pretty good game for a start 

Liked how you can get the power of others 

shooting could have been better if it was angled at the mouse and shoot with left click 

Good job ;D

I use free contruct 2 free version too and made a pretty good game called space shack in my profile you can check it out if you want 

have fun making games not for the money or for winning :D

Pretty interresting game 

need a lot of time to get all the atoms and as soon as i got enough i died 

needs to spawn more atoms and need less to evolve

Good work :D

Pretty good game but has no sound and no sound effect 

pressing space bar made my screen go down so was hard to keep up with the game

adding some more action into it and making it a little bit harder would be cool

Keep up with the hard work :D

Did not find any music and its barely impossible to save every hit 

this game reminds me a game i played loong ago 

Nice reproduction of it but still need some corrections 

Good work :D

Pretty cool game and asks a lot of time to understand 

Still the game play is a bit weird 

Screen is a bit too large had to zoom out to play correctly 

Good work :D

The game is good but as somebody who uses azerty keyboard its not logic 

the game is pretty cool the music is amazing and the sound effects are good 

still the bullets disappear before leaving the screen and some elements spawn on you which reduces your hp like hell 

Good work :D

Game is pretty fast to react for somebody who just learn how to play 

It's not logic that wind counter wind or else 

In need of more music into it 

Good work :D

Pretty basic but puts you into the action directly 

In need of an azerty movement :D

also if the game could have been a bit bigger that would be better

Ow my god 

This game is so good :3 

But still the animations need a bit of work 

otherwise its the best game i have played in this jam 

Good work

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Pretty cool :D

Pretty cool game 

liked the game play and the sound 

Keep going :D

I did not hear any music and the game is a little calm

In need of more action and game play to it

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The full map for anybody who is looking for it.

Also this is a compilation of many maps i though about and that i will be sending in my Discord Server

Stay tuned for more Informations and secretS