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Drunk House

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That's a good game 

Have nothing bad to say

there is more items compared to the needed

Gg man :D

Big issues with 3D games is compatibility with all computers :/

Good game :D Maybe adding more tilt to the game would be nice :)

If it's a web game it didn't load for me :/ 

Tried everything but couldn't get through

Couldn't load the 3D game for a reason 

maybe cuz of my computer but :/

Good game if it wasn't so hard cuz of the randomness of the cards sometimes you get like 10 same cards same color 

Else i like the graphics and there is no music? 

I liked this game cuz of the graphics even if i dead many times where i shouldn't have and didn't when i should but yeah :D

Also Blackjack needs Lot of time while you can just go in and out so coins can respawn :D but GG man i applaud you for your efforts :3

I would appreaciate a single folder in the zip so i wont have to make one for it :D

Pretty slow game but good 

Like how you use Uno cards to move 

Didn't find where is chess located but okey :3

The blue monsters are always following me even in the coin shuffle

The game starts in full screen and doesnt have a pause button when i pressed Esc

Also the image featured that small alone box doesnt have collisions 

Else the game is Good 

Liked the monopoly aspect when you buy houses but dunno what are they used for :/


The game is a bit too slow 

maybe could have been like a minigame battleship everytime you get the ball somewhere but :/ 

Also i got stuck there

Cpu knows where my peeps are >:(

Else that's a good game 

Blackjack is a bit cheated tho

Very precise game play :)

took some time to finish

You have my comunity vote :3

Really nice game

Good game

the level that reapeats is a good idea even if i lost my sanity with thta music :')

ALso the control button doesnt work

Nice Job :3 

I did >:3

wanna team up? Like in a jam sometime?

you could add a true/false statement 

Ifwhale rided true 

Like don't ride the next one

(I'm not a coder but i got some sense of logic ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜œ )

you could add a true/false statement 

Ifwhale rided true 

Like don't ride the next one

(I'm not a coder but i got some sense of logic ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜œ )

Thank you for the feed back 

I made this game in less then a day soo :/

the main idea was to make a chill game without having to stress 

The lack of time also got a major role in this game as honestly had no idea what i was going to make until the last day ๐Ÿ˜… but managed to make a doodoo jump working

I also had issues with creativity as the game that i was making started to form i lost i had already sent the game and also the time for the jam finished 

Well that's a first enjoyable experience ๐Ÿ˜‚

i only tried with the keyboard and the mouse and both did the same thing

I love rhythm games :3

Good game exept a bit part that we cant see some of the rocks that hit and kill you 

Also the boost idea is good but sometimes you jump a bit too far and you die cuz you cant actually reach the other part of the iron

Controls are a bit weird else the game is good :3

Glitched the game by saying yes to everything x'D also good game :3

If i had more levels and a calm music it'll be perfect for a donation :3

Good game exept the fact that i can ride more then One sea fish 

Keep going :3

Having the same pathern again and again D:

ELse its a goood game nice job :3

Impossible to play that game :c when you want to go fast to the right or to the left you just start rolling underground

I do not know how the leveling system work 

Else that was a gooood game :3

That's a cool game maybe put on more ideas and gameplay would be cool 

Maybe a two arrows ghost? 

Good game 

Keep going :3

I didnt understand the way of playing this game but it seemed good :3

You are the caus im addicted to this game >:D

All i can say is Goood job