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Wow! This is a really unique approach to this game jam. It's really neat to see you creating a game with just rules and iterating with play testing! I'm learning about the Playcentric approach to creating games from Game Design Workshop so this is really relevant. I'm keeping an eye on this devlog and hope to play your game when it's finished. :D

Aww man, RIP Bind of Isaac placeholder. I was cracking up over the juxtaposition of your game versus the bloody background.

I'm loving the character and item designs! Just looking at them builds an image of what the aesthetic of your world might be! Especially the Cloud Mage.

I was going to suggest an idea for a solution for the random shop name problem, but I'm not familiar with python. You might try keeping a list of the random shop names you've used already and check against the new random shop name you're getting. But I think there might be a more elegant solution such as removing used random shop names from the function that's giving them, or something like that. That's more complicated I think though.

Keep great work flowing!

Created a new topic [DevLog] - Introspection
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Starting my first devlog for Introspection (possible working title). A game about how dreams are affected by your actions while you're awake.

The premise for this game came while I was doing an exercise from the book Game Design Workshop. The premise of this game is that the actions you take while you're awake will affect your experience in your dreams. I'm approaching this project using some of the techniques I'm currently learning in the book. For instance, I'm basing my game around the player experience. You can see a couple ideas for the player experience that I might want. This will help put emphasis on making the game enjoyable to play.

Player Experience Goals & Game Concepts

Possible Assets

Game Design Possibilities for Dream

I'm still having troubles sorting out a definitive design concept so this is just a work in progress. I hope by posting devlogs that I'll hold myself accountable and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I welcome any feedback, advice, or critques.

Posted in Game Jam Goals!

Hey y'all. I've done a couple game jams before using Unity3D, but nothing turned out as a finished project. I'm happy to attempt to help with newer developers.

I usually tend to lurk around places and never say anything, but I'm trying to break that habit and reach out, connect, and make friends with other developers. This is a pretty important step for me.

Goals for this game jam:

  • Finish a small game.
    • Needs to have title screen
    • Win state (once you win, you should be able to play the game again without exiting program)
    • Clear controls and instructions for player
  • Make a schedule/deadlines so I can push my progress along
    • Complete idea/design by X date,
    • Complete controls by X date,
    • Complete one level by X date,
    • Etc..
  • Reach out and talk with other developers.
    • Make at least one friend/acquaintance
    • Publicly document/show my progress of my development
    • Have a presence in some type of game development community

If anyone is interested in connecting with me, send me a message/reply/something. Maybe we can connect and both grow as developers.