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I will buy it instantly the moment you add various mounts or at least a no-mount version (on foot).

I am making RPG stuff so mounted version is something very optional when on foot has a lot more uses and more common usage (on foot you can use the sprites when Player Character is indoor, in dungeons, in house, on hills, mountains, tree branches and w/e. On Horse - only outdoor in open space. Otherwise it looks ridiculous. Horse on ladders or roofs - only in Witcher and Skyrim :D)

I am not hating or anything. The assets are gorgeous as always Aleksander. Just saying what I need before I make a purchase (and I own EVERY single asset you published so far)

this is awesome!!! :D Epic work Alex, as always!

At this point I am buying EVERYTHING Aleksander posts. :) Great job buddy - as always. 

Oooh! I see. Awesome :D

A quick question. I bought pretty much all the assets you published and started making my game. Now I see you revisit this asset pack and the changes are awesome. The question is: 
Will I have to re-purchase the assets or will I be given and upgrade once update is released?

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no, srly. I couldn't figure out which animations starts/ends where so I had to download your preview gifs and rip frames from them >_> You could at least list frames range for each animation.

argh. why would you put all animation frames into one sprite sheet?!?!? D:
Thank you anyway. Epic lil dinos.

think of Asset Store and Markplace like a Steam but for game assets. 

Go there too. And Unreal's Marketplace. 
Income from Unity's assets store is around 7-8 times the income from
Income from Unreal's Marketplace is around 4-5 times the income from
Of course they take a bigger cut but the userbase is huge and make it up. Just be sure to fill all the metadata wisely. Use hand picked tags, keys words and stuff.

I am sharing this because me and some of my friends are living from those two stores only. And they are from States, so the income value is smaller. 

You do a good job Alex. So I want you to earn more money and make even more epic assets. Kudos

what are the dimensions? is it 32x32 or 16x16?

Alex, do you sell your assets on unity's asset store too?

Is there a list of the items somewhere? I actually don't care about the typical stuff like weapons and armor. I am more into unique sorts. Like idk compass, chain, lolipop, soap, map, needle, teddy bear. 

Oh my. Didn't knew you would be such a responsive guy haha :D Well, in that case, when I still have your attention... The packs I almost done. There is land, there are land objects, there are mobs - everything in the same style and design. But one thing is missing. Heros/Player Characters. Without them - I am stuck using Micro Fantasy's
Which are damn fine, rich in types of characters and with lots of fluid animations but... well. You get the idea. 

So once you are done with everything else, think about some player characters. Specially for RPG games.

Anyway, kudos and keep up the good work.
I am happy and glad to support such a nice and talented artist.

Bought all your packs. A question - the ocean water has only 2 frames where everything else has between 4 to 8. Would it be possible to raise the ocean water tileset animation frames to at least 4? Coastline and rivers has a smooth 8 frames transition and it makes ocean feel kind a out of synch with the rest of the tilemaps.