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Very nice reverse TD game. Well done.

Hey, thanks for your feedback,  I do appreciate it.

Yes it still has some weird glitches where stuff flies off..

FYI, Junk velocity is limited to 1000px/s and the planets are the only gravitational objects, so your Junk will return.. eventually.. :-)

Nobody can say when though..

Thanks for trying. If you ever try it with a friend, please update me on coop gameplay.. that would be awesome!

Hi Ayan,
Sorry that I forgot about your well deserved price, here you go:

This is Kalima, the bigger of my two cats. If she looks at you like that, you are obligated to rub the belly. There is no escape!

Best Regards,
Dr. Jamgo

It takes a lot of time to even finish even a small game, but I hope the experience brought you further.

Jams force you to finish SOMETHING and share it with people and I think it is a great way to learn making games.

Wish you the best..

Nno worries. looking forward to get an update in future..

No worries, these Jams are about fun. There will be more opportunities in the future.

Hi there,
I tried to play it, unfortunately it crashes. I think I will host the Jam on a regular basis now, so dont worry, you'll get your chance ;-)

Thank you very much for your submission!

I really love the introduction and theme. Keeping of the Ball-princesses is hard work, but somebody got to do it. Reminds me of a gameidea on reddit I saw recently, where you have to keep girls off your pillow fortress. (No Girls Allowed : gameideas (

My plus points:

  • Solid tower defense.
  • I like the theme and visuals
  • Offers some variety of towers and "creeps"

Where it can improve:

  • The only sound is the fire crackling from the torches.
  • Controls are a little clunky
  • Princesses are just balls, which breaks the visuals slightly.

Thanks a gain for taking part in the Jam, please keep making games :-)


Thank you for your submission to the Jam!

My positive points:

  • It is fun to move the player around and place the tower
  • Also the enemy movement is interresting, the kinda move like cars.
  • It is not super-violent, because its quite abstract.

Where you can improve:

  • One can only place one tower, it limits the strategic depth
  • More interresting level design (obstacles, a path they follow, etc.)

Please continue making games :-)

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Hi there, I tried to play the game, I can place the turrents and al, but nothing happens afterwards.. Can you help?

Edit: saw your dev-blog. Once you have a playable version, feel free to drop me a link!

Thank you very much for your submission!

My plus points are:

  • The art is simple but consistent, which makes it a real style.
  • The concept is really interresting, allthoug I never had to rotae anything
  • Controls are fluent and responsive

My critique/improvement suggestions:

  • Sometimes enemies are off-screen and I can not see them
  • Some Indicator, when the parts are "active", for example:
    • Sensor guy lights up when triggered or something
    • Line betwen Amunition and gun, when close enough
    • (Gun shooting is quite obvious..)
  • This music. Its fun at first, but I can still hear it after closing the tab :-D

I really enjoyed this game, I hope to see more of the kind in the future..

Dr. Jamgo

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Thanks. As the Design is still very much WIP, feel free to voice any wishes or ideas. They might end up in the Game.

Thanks, I appreciate your feedback a lot.

I am stilling working on the style.
What do you think about the "RPG style with elevated" tyles:

Thank you very much for the hint, I have overlooked that option somehow!

Hi guys,

I am working on a new project, focused on tactical combat.

Which battle map variant do you find more appealing?

RPG style

Board Game style

Thanks for your Feedback!

Dear Itch Team,

I find the available pixel style font a little hard to read and straining to the eyes, thats why I decided against it on my Pages, even though the theme would fit perfectly.

Is there maybe a different, slightly less blocky font that can be used? One that still resembles the theme without sacrifice of readability?

I hope my request is not too bold.


With the Information you have given it is hard to give any advice/help.

  • What is your objective?
  • Is this purely self-educational?
  • Are you making a Game?
  • Do you require network training in the shipped game or just execution?

One thing I learned though:

Use an existing Framework (e.g. TensorFlow, Torch)

  • They are well tested and stable
  • They come with debugging, visualization.
  • Save/load features of your trained model.
  • People can help if you are stuck.

I hope it helps you to refine your question.

Hi Itchers,

I am Designing a low-fantasy Game with focus on turn-based combat (Working Title: Deities Calling) and consider adding the two dimensional alignment system:

  • Good vs Evil
  • Lawful vs. Chaotic

The world (map, fractions, story) will defenetely be built around this principle, but I wonder to which extend it should affect gameplay.

  •  Weaknesses/Strengths
  • Quests
  • Available Units
  • Powers/Magic

I wanted to know from devs and players alike what you think of Alignment systems?

Do they add choices or limit them?

Does it add a way to play how I like or railroad me into certain behaviour anyway because one way is supperior?

Please let me know your thoughts and experience on this.