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Dripping Tap

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It's not Tim. It's Lemming ;)

Insane for a game made in such a short time. It's great!

Lol, I strangely enjoyed that little spy mission... Nice little nod to the 90s ;)

Ok, when I tried it again now, yes, it's started to work. Strange... Cool little first game! Since this background is scrolling, you might want to add some variety to it... Other than that, it plays fine. Nice.

Nice aesthetic... Calming atmosphere... I didn't finish it, but it was enjoyable. 

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Thank you for your comprehensive response.

Force is additive - starts off slow and builds up. If there was a long straight, you'd reach some crazy speed. 

We are perfectly aware most people will rage quit on that section. I can assure you, though, it's doable ;)

Lol, true... I guess you could monitor the rigid body velocity a bit more. Especially on the third jump it just adds a bit too much force.

Jumping mechanic is a bit strange... Good effort though. I finished it ;)

Well, I press run game and... nothing happens.

Hard to master this bird... ;)

I like it. Cool concept and flawless execution. Well done.

I got to the top and... no end game fanfare, no nothing? Disappointed ;) Nice little demo.