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Defold Evangelist

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Recent community posts

There's a nice timelapse for adding an animated character to Defold and animating it in Spine.

8:13 - Spine
14:30 - Defold + Atom
15:40 - Result

And the game itself: dragosha.com/hamster/




or both! #time is infinite


HTML5, Windows, macOS, Linux: https://olde-shipmates.itch.io/space-strangers

Use space instead of RMB when playing in browser.


The tornado blew all things, nothing around you, no blocks, no animals, no power. Wait, they come back! Try! Survive!!

Controls: left - left, right - right, space - jump. PLEASE DONT PLAY IN MOBILE BROWSERS.

Used soft: Krita, Shoebox, Defold Engine

So we have this crazy idea...

If someone is brave enough to share an early build for the feedback, we'll try to inspire streamers/youtubers to make something of it. Could lead to invaluable feedback on the early stages. Makes sense?

also there's lots of defold public example projects at github:

A single good place to start is perhaps the War Battles sample project: https://github.com/defold/defold-examples/tree/master/war-battles

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The whole awards and prizes topic may rise lots of questions and discussions, so I gGuess someone has to start this topic. Let it be me =]

Any questions? Fire away! In the meantime...

Spine Pro license has been added to the prize pool. And I hear more nice things are in the pipeline. Esoteric Software people will pick a game where they'd love animation work (e.g. exceptional rigging/artwork, etc.). If you're using something else than Spine today, well, that is fine and should not affect the Best Animation award in any way.

And here's a decent community-crafted video-tutorial of most basic things in Defold: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLS9MbmO_ssyC5gN_850U7iz21ZhdjS3J8

There's a forum post of the Defold forum about the jam. Feel free to ask around for a team member or suggest yourself. Defold forum is the place where King and Defold devs hang out and talk to the users.

Need some inspiration and an asset pack? Try this: https://github.com/defold/defold-examples/tree/master/war-battles

And there's more at

And you may think ok, are there any games actually #MadeWithDefold - well yes, there are: https://forum.defold.com/t/madewithdefold-the-released-games-list/2076

But to save you a click, these are the games #MadeWithDefold that started at a game jam last year. All are HTML5 and playable in the browser:

Also a bonus game from a student team in Lithuania: http://robo-test.sneakybox.lt