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It was a fun game, the levels were nice but maybe you can add some music.

I tried to die on purpose i even walked towards the monster without my flashlight but nothing happened. The flash mechanics were nice but it would be nice to have a sound effects to warn the player when the batteries are low or the monster is near.

It was really fun despite of being so short, if you guys make more leves with more difficulty and some animations it would be a great game.

The background music was just perfect for the game. Like the other comment i also struggled with the climbing part. Great job! Good game!

I agree with the balancing. Thanks for playing our game and for the feedback! 

Very fun game! Maybe the sprites are bigger than they should. Loved the sound effects! Good job!

I liked it but like the other comment i think the controls are a little hard. Good job!

Good and funny idea. Maybe it needs some background music. Great job!

Maybe it's a little short and the mechanics needs to be polished. Background music would have helped too. But think the idea was good.Good job!

Good idea! The graphics and the audio needs to be polished but it was ok for the short time of the jam. I also agree with the other comment about the duration.

Fun game and loved the pixel art. Background music would have helped in the inmerssion. Good job!

I liked it! Maybe it needs more music. Good job!

Thanks, you're right. We figured that out when the game was already submitted. Thanks for the feedback!

Great job! Maybe the audio needs a little improvement and the character could be a little quicker. But i enjoyed playing it!

Very innovative I liked the controls and the 3d / 2d mix. The audio needs a bit of work, but it's fine. In general, incredible work! Congratulations!

 You're absolutely right in those things. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Like the other comments i like the monster design but i suffered with the music and sounds effects.

I liked the idea and the aesthetics. Background music was a bit repetitive and i found a bug that got me stuck in the walls. Good job tho

Good idea! Maybe you should add a score and background music.

Like the idea and the in-game UI. Not so much the mechanics. Good job

I really like the aesthetics! The jump mechanic need to be a little polished and maybe a more intuitive UI would help. Nice job!

Fun game. I liked the art and the music. Maybe the ant should've been a little faster, in long stretches its get a bit boring with this speed. 

Great job !

Love the art. Maybe the sound effects could be better. Nice job!

Fun game and good art. Didn't like so much the music and sound effects. Good work tho

Really nice graphics and music. I didn't like so much the mechanics and sometimes it gets a little buggy , but it's really fun. Good work!

Nice art work. But it flet repetitive and the lack of music and sound effects didn't help.

Really nice graphics! Maybe the lack of audio and the difficulty are things to improve.

Good idea and art! . Maybe the UI is not very intuitive and some mechanics doesn't work some times. Also i think it would be nice to add some background music.