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hey Westy, awhile ago you said that you were making a website or web version of this game on itch. How is it going so far? Or is there any other sites to play on because the one on porngameshub is buggy as hell. But yeah message back when you get the chance

hey Westy, awhile ago you said that you were making a website or web version of this game on itch. How is it going so far? Or is there any other sites to play on because the one on porngameshub is buggy as hell. But yeah message back when you get the chance

hey Westy , so a few weeks ago you said that people have played in apple so is there a download or can we only play on porngameshub

wait so if porngameshub is a pirate than where can I legally play proud father on iOS?

wait what? Dang it I didn’t know but does that mean that it’s illegal to play on it and since Im on apple I play on the site so is there other ways I can play on apple?

so does that means there a ending or it’s still in development 

yeah I did it says no more contant

hey aloth I have a quick question, after like day 22 or 23 or 24, you can’t talk to the characters anymore because it said there is nothing to talk about. I’m pretty sure that’s normal but my question is, is there more stuff to do after you finish activity’s with the eloen girl or after creams pregnancy?

for I love this game, on prongameshub however for almost ever sexual scene my crash’s. Can you look into that peaxe

pllloeeasse tell me you can download this on apple

how do you get the job?

so in certain choices it will crash the game idk why but you just have to deal with it, don’t waste your time trying to put your dick inside Haley’s mouth choice because it’s gonna crash every time. You can masturbate to her and it will only crash once and same for Jessica but that’s fine.

Ayo I thought it was gonna be the 19th because it came on the 9th

so like the new update 0.4 you have to wait till it comes free but for 0.3 you can download the game on android but you can’t on apple but on apple, there are sites you can play the game on that the owner allowed. If you have apple, play proud father on porngameshub

guys, is the update a full day?


Ayo man give him time, he said that there was a error in the update and I like it when that happens because that means it will be better and more efficient. He may add something 

is this game available on apple, I mean can you download it on apple

how do you download this for iPhone?

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hey man, thank you for this but how do you download the game on iPhone  or I have to go to a site to play it?

will the game be available for iPhone?

can we download this on apple phone or no?

wait the Xmas special, how do you get it and what is it about?

hey Westy, I’m think about just downloading the game on my iPhone but I’m not sure if it’s safe. Can you confirm in a way that the download won’t hurt my phone.I have the iPhone 11 btw and if you do confirm it, is there a way I can delete it if I what too. Thanks

scroll down

scroll down

no problem

Ayo I gotchu, so here is what you need to do and the choices you need to make(I’m using the default name):

1. Touch her ass

2.I’ll get Haley

3.touch her again

4.don’t pull down her panties

5.joke about it

6. Give her the game box 

7.I liked it

8.ask Haley and zoe about their day

9.Choose yes

10. Check on Zoe

11. Don’t pull down her top

12. Don’t knock

13.invite her( this choice unlocks future action to masturbate Haley or Haley and zoe)

14.Offer them help

15. Check up on Haley or zoe

16.(for zoe) nothing to forgive 

17.(your choice) touch her tits or ass

18.( for both of them) choose the both choice

19.check what they are doing

20. Tell them to go to bed 

21. Show me your boobs

22. Check up on them

And after your done checking Jessica’s computer and belly’s phone, when you check up on them again and they ask you to put lotion, will give you the ability to put lotion on them, you will have unlocked the choice to put lotion on them, so do what you want during that. I hope this helps .

oh thank you my guy I’ve been trying all day to do it but this answer finally put me to a rest. I look forward to the update. Thank you

hey guys, so I’m playing proud father on porngameshub and the image below is the thumbnail(go check if you want) so that got me wondering, how do I get that scene? And Westy , I know I asked you this already just I wanna know others way and strats. Any if anyone could tell me how to get this scene, I would be really grateful. Have a great day everyone

hey Westy, sorry for commenting a bit too much but I have a question. When I clicked quick story and I got to the part where you see every girl, I noticed this girl in particular. I don’t remember seeing her in the game so she is gonna be in the next update and if so what role is she gonna play and also who is she anyway?(i circled her in yellow)

hey great game man, I almost finished chapter 10 when my phone glitched and I had to restart it. I lost all of my progress tho. I’m not asking for my data back I’m asking if there is a way to skip to the choices and skip the cutscenes and transitions?

I’m on mobile and everytime I restart my phone, my progress is restarted

guys is there anyway to walk in on Ashley in the shower after you call your niece in day 3

alright man thank you. I just can’t believe this sex game is a game I actually like. The others I played did not work but this one shiiiiiiii this is the bomb. And thank you for telling me there’s a way to walk in on Ashley after the call. Thanks man your the boss

Ayo man this is the best game ever. Quick question tho, is there a way to walk in on Ashley after the call with rylee and on mobile, can you fix the back button please? Thank you for this amazing game