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so does that means there a ending or it’s still in development 

yeah I did it says no more contant

hey aloth I have a quick question, after like day 22 or 23 or 24, you can’t talk to the characters anymore because it said there is nothing to talk about. I’m pretty sure that’s normal but my question is, is there more stuff to do after you finish activity’s with the eloen girl or after creams pregnancy?

for I love this game, on prongameshub however for almost ever sexual scene my crash’s. Can you look into that peaxe

pllloeeasse tell me you can download this on apple

how do you get the job?

is this game available on apple, I mean can you download it on apple

can we download this on apple phone or no?

hey great game man, I almost finished chapter 10 when my phone glitched and I had to restart it. I lost all of my progress tho. I’m not asking for my data back I’m asking if there is a way to skip to the choices and skip the cutscenes and transitions?

I’m on mobile and everytime I restart my phone, my progress is restarted