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What an amazingly visceral experience. I don't think I've ever been as creeped out from a game as when I accidentally ripped out the other person's stomach.

There's a few unused sound files I recorded, but they aren't implemented. It's a to-do for the future.

On laptops, typically pressing the function keys requires you to press the Fn key. Otherwise, you're activating media keys. Again, didn't think about laptops when making this game. I'll probably add multiple default control set ups to accommodate for that.

The music was entirely improvised and meant to be pretty basic up until the end.

The notes are mapped to the function keys because you're meant to hold the keyboard like a guitar similar to Frets on Fire. However, I did not include a lefty flip mode, so that would be quite cumbersome if you were a lefty. If you are, I apologize, but I completely didn't think about that when I was making the game.

As for the art, it's mainly a heap of programmer art slapped together. The entire game was made in 2 days, and the art was the least of my concerns, especially since I have almost no artistic talent. I wanted to do the project by myself and with only original assets as a personal challenge.

The music should be playing, and if it's not I don't its a fault with the game. When I tested the game, it never failed to play the music. Unless the Mac and Linux builds somehow handle audio files differently and don't play the music, I don't think its an error with the game.

Note alignment is pretty rough, and it was one of the last things I did. It's a poorly done job that was mostly repeated guess work while half-awake. Going back to it, some notes are pretty far off from the musical cues. I would like to do an automated beatmapping system with MIDIs if I have the time to do so. I did not have enough time to do that for the jam though.

If you're using the original bugged build of the game, the game would decrease your health every time you strum regardless of whether or not you hit notes. If you installed this game before January 20th at about 5 PM EST, then you probably have the bugged build still. Besides that build, there aren't any particular issues with visual note timings. In fact, the visual timings are quite lenient and let you hit notes that are a bit off.

It was totally a huge rush job that was started on Saturday morning and then finished right near the deadline. Wish I had the time (and skill) to make better art, but functionally the game is more or less good with some noticeable bugs.

Not really sure what you could grab design-wise from this game, but would like to see some videos on the games. Are you planning on making design analysis videos of all the ones you're reviewing?

They're posted on the game's page, but during my half-awake state of mind, I forgot to put them on the game jam submission page. I'll fix that now.

I didn't personally want to make this, but man I was really hoping someone would.