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See also: A Link to the Past Randomizer, with Major Glitches logic, Inverted (or Open if v30 can't do Inverted+Major Glitches), All Dungeons, and Swordless.

If you want to expand on your game, it would be a good idea to check Queen of Tenshindo out. You'll probably have to use a VM to run it though. It's a 16-bit Windows application, so it won't run on 64-bit Windows.

That is probably it. I wonder if has a list of "good" and "bad" third-party sites available for downloading through the itch client.

The download doesn't work with the itch client: "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website."

Was this inspired by Queen of Tenshindo?

The Windows version doesn't work with the itch app. It may work better if you use a ZIP file instead of (or in addition to) a compressed executable.

The error that I get says that the download is from an incompatible third-party site. If you upload the latest free version to directly, it should start working.

Thankfully, you can open the page in an external web browser and download the Windows version that way. But yeah, it sucks not being able to download it in the itch app.

This tech demo can't be downloaded from the client either because of directory structure or because it's not marked as running on Windows. Could you fix this?

Hopefully, all you'd need to do is to repack the ZIP so that the files are at the ZIP's root instead of inside a single main folder holding everything.* I'm not sure either, since my uploaded package did it right off the bat and I didn't need to do anything special. It may also** have something to do with the main EXE's filename.

But unless you want me to test it, I won't be downloading the -win package again, since the web package runs straight in the itch client without opening my default browser. (If you do want me to test, I'd be happy to.)

*So instead of ".\Housepets Christmas\game.exe", you may want ".\game.exe" or ".\12DaysofHousepets.exe".
**Or "instead" - You Have 293 Keys has a main folder in its ZIP but the itch client knows what to do with ".\293_Windows\293Keys.exe".

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It was pretty good. But I had no music. Don't know if that was because of the build or my computer.
EDIT: Seems to have been my computer. Fiddling with the volume on the web version got the music going.

But can you finagle it so that the "-win" download starts directly when opened from the itch client instead of opening up the install folder?
ALSO EDIT: Web version runs fine from the client.