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A member registered Jun 23, 2017

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No problem! Also thanks ^^

And yes, I'm a dev too, I was also participating in the Pixel Horror Jam too, but I wasn't able to finish my demo on time due to the other project I'm working on.

Thank you, I finally found him, I got a bit lost since some rooms keep going if you reach the walls and others don't, so I didn't notice the living room was bigger ^^

After that I managed to keep going until the end, I liked it, the atmosphere is very well made and it has some eerie feeling. The only things I got problems were the rooms as mention before and that Helen was a bit slow. The end left me wanting to know more about the kids missing, the candy and what was happening, I liked the end but it felt a bit sudden and abrupt.

Other than that, you made a good, interesting game! Congrats :D

Hello, I liked the game so far, it looks interesting and I’m curious on how it’s going to end ^^

Unfortunately, I got stuck and have no idea what to do. I picked up the candy wrap and found the book with the same symbol on the mom’s room, but I keep roaming around and can’t find what to do next and I don’t know if it’s because of a bug or not because I had a similar problem before. The second time you got to hide I went downstairs and no matter where I hid, nothing happened. I had to restart in the game because it wouldn’t let me go back up and only when I hid in the bathtub they heard the door and went to open it.

But overall good job!

I really liked it! It has a great ambience and I love that everything fits together, from the title screen and credits, to the gameplay. Congrats!

Hello I just got the same error message "Unable to find file Graphics/Titles/okladka1".

I went into the Graphics folder, Titles and the name of the image was written like this "ok³adka1", I removed the "3" and add "l" and then it let me open the game.

Not sure why that happened, but after I read someone else had the same problem I thought maybe this could help anyone else with the same issue.