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ok then

This game was made in Game Maker Studio 1.4, if I get the money to get Game Maker Studio 2 I would port to linux.  Thank you for bringing that up as I meant to say that.

Cute little game!  Wanted to try out a boss rush/boss fight centered game for some inspiration!  very fun.

This game is seriously really fun, and it gets pretty intense as well!  I recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy/management games as it's really well executed.  Can't wait for the full release!

I absolutely LOVE the style, I couldn't stop laughing at all the different expressions and all of the goofy characters and enemies.  I can't WAIT to buy this game!

Thank you so much, Malikye!  If you enjoy the game, I suggest joining the discord if you haven't already so you can check out development!
If you join quickly enough, I may still be giving playtest builds

Thanks!  I'm glad you think so.  I hope you look forward to the full version!

Spinster Walkboy has to be the funniest name I've seen on here lmao