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Cole Kersting

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Thank you for playing! Level 7 is difficult, yeah, but it's not impossible. I checked out your game and left some feedback for you as well!

Hey! I saw your post on my game and came to check out 10 Blocks! 

Overall, I think this game is pretty fun! There are a few small tweaks I'd suggest just to make it more fluid overall, but other than small polish stuff, it's very good.

I'd keep the music playing between screens, both on the Main Menu and during the levels, it feels kinda jarring to have it reset every time you die or check the credits. I'd recommend using Object.DontDestroyOnLoad to do this.

You might also consider having a transition between levels, to help smooth out the abruptness of going from one area to the next. 

I like the sound effects which've been added, would also suggest having one for when the player dies, to give more feedback. If you wanted to go the extra mile on this, you could also spawn in a particle system when the player dies.

Finally, I'd suggest making the tutorial text in the early levels the same font as the rest of the UI (Timer, Level #, etc).

Overall, I enjoyed what I played! Good luck in the future.