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I love the camera, it’s weird and satisfying at the same time! Nice work :D

The game is good but I didn’t like the input. I’m so used to a vertically inverted joystick that I couldn’t fly it. Also, I’d have preferred to use the left and right shoulders of the controller to rotate the spaceship. Finally, I don’t know if it was possible but I couldn’t find how to reload.

I couldn’t use the cannons, I don’t know why. I loved the graphics, it’s really beautiful :)

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Good job for your first game! It’s good that you saved the settings in the local storage. You are one of the few who did it. Don’t forget to rate our game! :D

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I appreciate you took the time to make the music (a great plus) and menus with ratio, fullscreen and resolution. But, I think the parachute is weird. When the character starts falling, if you open the parachute it doesn’t slow down his fall. And it appears when you collide with something when parachuting, the horizontal input is reset so I have to press left or right again…

Nice! I was mind blown when I understood 3 items could be merged together ^^ I went through the end and I liked how the items’ scale changes when dragged vertically, the illusion of 3d is quite convincing.

I liked playing it and the how the bat flies. However, I found the graphics were too small and maximizing the window didn’t help much. Don’t forget to rate our game :D

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I managed to score some points but I’m not sure I’m not sure I understood. I already had python installed so I only had to pip install pygame, but you could have published an executable file, with py2exe for example 😀

People said it could be run on Linux so we’ve added the tag. Apparently it works using Wine… So you must download the Windows build and use it on Linux 😊

The game needs the .NET Framework 4.7.1 to work. If the game doesn’t open (silent crash), download the framework from here :