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"We were unable to complete your request. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I got that from every video. The text appears in loop, the tape still gets delivered and it looks like it's empty since the player doesn't do anything.

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I think that's technically what I was talking about.

It's a collision box problem.

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Hi everyone,

I found out that you can clip through the statues by coming from the top of the square.

Looks like they have a cylinder box?

The moving blocks behind also have a weird collision.

Hi everyone,

So i died and instantly pressed the restart button.

The commentator's voice line saying "DEFEAT" occurred after I spawned.

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Hi everyone,

I got stuck in a map in Story Mode.

I made it there by jumping on the first jump pod and then immediately going backward to dodge the other pods. I landed on an invisible surface and from there i fell off the map.

You should put another invisible wall on top of the oriented jump pods so that players can't go outbound.