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Oh sorry, I should've seen that. Cool.

The download ought to be listed as Windows only; unless people have wine .exe files can't be run on Mac or Linux (as far as I know)

Yeah, I had a hard time trying to make it clear to the player how to execute the high jump. Tried to explain it in the tutorial, but it was kind of a last minute addition. I was making this for a school-related competition, so that's why it seems a little unfinished in that respect and the lack of controller support. I watched your video; it was nice to see how someone reacted to the game. I am also interested in making a longer game out of this and expanding on some of the concepts, so stay tuned for whenever that happens!

I know. This was a case of me making the whole game without having anyone test it. I suffer from "being far better at my own games than should be humanly possible," so this is an issue I have run into a couple times before. I often find my games' controls to be fine and fairly easy for me (probably because I know how the movement works in the code) and then realize after having someone else play that the controls are too convoluted and the movement feels all wrong. I finished this game last summer, and since then I have gotten much more experienced with designing controls that actually feel right. Thank you for the tip, though. It's definitely something I regret about this project