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On two separate occasions now I've put a fully evolved male pokemon into the Daycare with a Ditto, and had the offspring come out fully evolved. It isn't every male, obviously, and I've yet to figure out the actual trigger for the glitch, but once it's in effect, all eggs that come out hatch into the same, fully evolved pokemon as the non-Ditto parent. I can't be certain about the first time it happened, but in the case of the second, the eggs hatching as Hitmontop, they had four egg moves. If other people can replicate this, it might be possible to determine the trigger for the glitch. 

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You have to have the Super Rod, which you can only get from the Battle Tower. I wasted far, far too many hours trying to get ahold of this pokemon before the Elite Four, and it was entirely impossible.

As I recall, you get it at the end of the game, or very near to the end. 

I'm just going to leave this right here and hopefully there's something that can be done other than "just give up on Houndour or start a new save and hope it doesn't happen again."

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Battling a Happiny on Route 18, and due to it having a higher Speed than my Shuckle, and me not using an attack due to being confused, when the Happiny used Copycat twice, it started a seemingly endless loop. What do I do?

Been a while since I last played, and I can't remember anywhere to get a Dawn Stone, except for the Bug Catching Contest. Only problem is, the last three times I won the contest, it gave me a Sun Stone, which I have no need for at all.  Currently, I'm at Dildadon, and have yet to do the story element for the city. Is there anywhere I can get the stone without pushing further ahead? Wanting to go ahead and get my Gallade now, so I can use my Everstone for a different pokemon.

Good to know. Also, not really much of a spoiler, as you didn't tell us what pokemon the opponent uses or who they are, or any of that stuff.

It's like that for everyone, I'm pretty sure.

It's pretty straight forward, if somewhat maze like. There is no wrong way to go, but there are quite a few dead ends. Just keep going and you'll figure it out.

It was likely removed, but in one of the previous versions of the game, in the cave while you're chasing Professor Oak and killing all of those people, it was possible to encounter starter pokemon such as Charmander. Believe I saw a Pikachu once too... But again, that was in a previous version, where the second post game chapter was the end of the game.

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I told you. Not impossible, just incredibly rare.

But is it possible to try again with Articuno, after making it faint? I know you allowed for such with the other Legendaries, but the Birds aren't in a set location, so...

No, it is not the same each time. Perhaps the issue is with the save file, and not the game itself? If so, it could be caused by something such as saving and quiting in the middle of Gauntlet Mode, which I have done. If not... I don't know.

Er... Well, regarding the Legendary Birds, I've now encountered all three, made one faint, and caught one. The one I caught was Moltres, the one who fainted was Articuno, and the one who still escapes me is Zapdos. Hope it's possible to try again with Articuno, otherwise I'll be severely disappointed in myself...

There are the routes where I encountered each Bird, for the benefit of those who have yet to catch the Birds themselves.

Zapdos: Route 15, Route 14 (Somewhat of a rare encounter, took about 10-20 min before I would see it again.)

Articuno: Route 2 (was actually a somewhat common encounter here, with me visiting the pokemon center immediately after each failure)

Moltres: Route 2 (Took about 10 min to catch after I first saw it. Luck. I have it.)

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I know there are some people, like myself, who are interested in trying to catch the Legendary Birds roaming around Runko, and I believe I have found a solid strategy for catching them.

First, go to the Soul Cult and catch yourself a Gothita, it's hidden ability Shadow Tag is the only thing that can effectively stop the Birds from escaping, and give you endless chances with the pokeballs. Sure, there are some trapping moves, but those depend on the speed of your pokemon, and are somewhat risky. First, get a fast pokemon with Mean Look. Either hidden abilities don't work in PokeUE, or Shadow Tag is useless against a legendary.

Second, level it up to about thirty, and buy a lot of Repels. You'll need these to keep away the pathetic, lower leveled, not Legendary pokemon that you would otherwise encounter nonstop trying this. Now, since your Gothita pokemon is around level thirty, when you use the Repels in lower level Routes, the only pokemon you can possibly encounter would be the Legendary Birds, and your Gothita pokemon has a decent chance of survival while you throw endless pokeballs at that Legendary.

Third, pick two Routes somewhere within the set area for that Bird (I do recall that once upon a time, when this game was on Gamejolt, Savordez said he planned to set each of the Birds to be in a certain area of Runko, such as Northern Runko, Eastern Runko, and Western Runko. Unfortunately, I don't know which ones are in what area...) that you can easily run back and forth between, and have patches of grass not far from each other. Of course, a town with a Route nearby would also work, so long as there was grass near enough to the town.

Now, if my strategy here has any flaws that I overlooked, or you have something better, please make a post here explaining such.

You CAN get the GS Ball in 1.0, but only through the Gift thing. What I meant was you can't get it just by playing the game anymore.

Calm down, and look at the PokeUE wikia. Here's a link directly to what you need to see:

I was playing the game before 0.4, and got the GS Ball as a sort of compensation for the game not yet being finished. Upon the release of 0.4, the GS Ball was removed.

Right, right. And they're Legendaries as well. Certainly viable for use, but I still would say a pure Dragon Type would be best, having only two weaknesses, compared to a type combination, which doubtless adds more.

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Look at the changelog for 1.0

Oh dear, any Dragon Type? Well... The only one that stays pure Dragon Type even in it's final evolution is Axew, which you get via trade. Dratini is a rare find in the Safari Zone, and can be bought from the Game Corner, but upon its final evolution it gets a secondary Flying Type, which makes it take normal damage from the Electric Type, double damage from Rock, and quadruple damage from Ice. Ouch.

Those are the only two I know where to find off the top of my head, unfortunately... I would recommend taking a look at the PokeUE wikia to find the rest.

The move relearner is in the Friends' House or whatever it's called in Dildalon City. As for a move forgetter... I need that too, need to get rid of Cut and other such moves that otherwise can't be forgotten.

It seems the reasoning for this is that the game believes those trainers have already been defeated. Upon trying to force a battle by interacting with them, they merely said "I've lost..." or some variation of such. The Gauntlet Mode is what I consider the most reliable way to level up your pokemon in preparation for the Final Cave, so to see that it's broken in such a way is pretty disappointing. Please figure out the issue and solve it, Savordez!

And I just took complete advantage of it. Ah well, I wasn't going to use Latias anyway.

So, in Gauntlet Mode, I was going through with my 5 pokemon, and for some reason, not one of the trainers stopped me on my way to James. I just walked all the way to him and began the battle (which i nearly won, I might add, Garchomp had about 10 HP). In fact, as I'm typing this, the glitch has happened again. All the way to James without a single battle. The pokemon I'm using, in order, are Absol, Glaceon, Magnezone, Volbeat, and Mismagius. I'm not sure what could be causing this glitch, but considering that it has happened twice in a row, it might be an issue, as it cheats the Gauntlet Mode and allows for the player to take their time battling James. If you need any more information, let me know.

There is only one location that I am sure you can find an Abra, and the Pokeradar is not needed, but it will help, considering Abra is a rare encounter. You need to go to Route 8, and I would suggest you use the Pokeradar, which will be a pain, considering how little grass there is, but the alternative is walking back and forth in the same patch of grass until you finally see one, which would likely take a lot longer.

Regarding Shinies, I've never seen one, but I'm sure they exist. After all, it seems every Gym Leader has one, so you getting one yourself shouldn't be impossible. Hell, Purple flat out tells you that you have a better chance of catching a Shiny when you use the Pokeradar, though, as we all know, there are few places where there's a really good pokemon and enough grass to reliably use the Pokeradar. Basically... Good luck.

I know for a fact that some can be found in the third and forth post game chapters. Poliwrath was so worth the wait.

I don't believe those two are available. After all, they evolve into those forms via trading one for the other with someone. Regarding Bisharp, I got one a while back myself, so it's not impossible, but it isn't all that great. It has a 4x weakness to the fighting type, after all. the immunity to poison and psychic is useful, but it's pretty risky, and not particularly powerful, in my opinion.

Savordez took a lot of animations out. Seems to me that most moves of a particular Type use the same animation, with maybe a few exceptions. Guess he wasn't able to get unique animations for each attack before posting 1.0, so he said fuck it and made all moves of the same Type share an animation.

Mystery Gift. Right before you choose your save file, select the Mystery Gift. It'll give you what you need. As far as the "We will meet again", you won't.

P.S.: The stone triggers a legendary, so be prepared.

Just got both Deoxys and Mew from their respective islands, and I don't know which to use, considering I'm avoiding using the same type twice. Main reason I ask is because I'm not sure which of the two is really better, but if Deoxys' Alternate Formes are able to be used, especially on a whim, it would be superior. I'm not really looking at the stats, more so the usefulness, but even if I was, I still couldn't make a proper decision. Deoxys is much higher on its Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed, but is lacking in Defense and Sp. Defense. Mew, however, is pretty close to even, and has more health. Can't really make a proper decision without knowing what this game in particular allows...

If the Alternate Formes are able to be used, please let me know how to get them!