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Can't wait to see whats to come! Fantastic work as always!

Love the work, keep it up! I know there are dominant and sub choices in Spencers route will those eventually affect his done scene? 

I hate to sound rude but I believe its 'punished'

Love it so far! Can't wait to see what comes next!

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looks promising, nice work so far!

Don't quit! Love the battle mechanics so far!

You should really link your patreon here,  I'm sure people would be willing to help you! alot of people love your game, and want to see it finished!

Lets make this happen!:

Are Mike and Darius blood brothers? lol :3

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Please do, the game's looking great!

thank you good sir!

Good work as always! Is Darius's route fixed?

I'm so glad this is still alive! :3

Love the artwork! Can't wait to actually play it and see the updates sure to come!

I love the new  detailed backgrounds, and adore the new expressions on the characters! your artists are doing a marvelous job and so are you! Keep it up!

Is Richard eventually going to be datable? :3  And as always keep up the fantastic work!

its well deserved :3

I Just gotta say Dyne, you do quality work and hardly if ever lag behind, I look forward to all that you will bring to the table and relish every peice! Keep up the good work!

yeah that's what I thought too:(

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Im sorry to complain but Darius route on the Android is impossible because of the cooking part, not matter how hard I press it won't count it and and I don't want to disappoint Darius or Maria :(

Any way to do this?