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Abdullah homsi

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actually i tried to make a store that the player can buy things that add more options to the player, but the time ran out

thanks for playing the game and for your feedback, i appreciate it

thanks for playing it

somebody rate my game

Thanks for the feedback

idea  great, 

i like it

that's my game


ute graphics, nice idea     good job !

nice story and great art

great art nice work my game 

the character looks awesome and the art is so great,  great job

tricky game, i like it 

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i thought the menu thing was a bug but the game is a liar haha, clean  graphics, great art, fun game   i really like it

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really nice game,

 i enjoyed a lot 

my game:

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that's my game

think you very much for this beautiful comment

i think the color of the character is the reason haha,  i used krita and the wacom intuos pro tablet for all the art

think you very much for your beautiful comment ,  i will work more on the game

Thank you so much