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absolutely hysterical. loved the ace attorney crossover.

i just finished all the endings and also all the variations of the boys asking you out on the last day of the school festival! this is just a really sweet game, i love it!

<333 cant wait to try these! thank you so much!

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oh man oh man oh man. i love this game so much. as an asexual who kinda wants romance, that talk about asexuality really hit home. and the poly route! amazing! i kind of want to see everyone else's reactions to their unconventional relationship. i love you!

very entertaining. thank you for translating it <33

as someone who went to high school and lives in australia, i thank you.

i loved this game. especially the scene where jodeci is that poor schmuck who gets pulled in the lover's spat.

i was laughing through the whole game.

this is so cute! i love all your characters and read through all your developer's notes.

!!!! I can't wait to see how it goes!

man. this is pretty macabre. i like it a lot. i'm an especially big fan of the cg after the first sacrifice is drugged.

you're doing amazing! i don't know any other developer who posts such constant devlogs.

ah, arya...! i want to give him a hug! please give him a hug from me!

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marion is so pretty, i honestly spent more time staring at her sprite than the LIs

short and sweet. i really like it. what gore there is is impactful.