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Like the game idea that you can recover yourself after a few strikes.

like the game and it's idea in it. the controls are a little bit weird because I am use the with the Z and (.) key like in space cadet.

I like to play some chess. but I need somebody else to play with me. Still the game works and it play by the rules of chess.

it is quite fun to play and it has a good strategy behind it.and some of the cards have special ability that can work in your favor if you play well.

I finish all the puzzles. you should now add more if you can.

It is a little bit confusion in the search element. it said sometimes that i have to delete that icon but i get the wrong one even if the descriptions apply on it. Also there is a bug when do it wrong and you go back to the main menu to try again it say then to you puzzle solved. further more I like the idea of this for a puzzle game

there is not much to say about this game.
I like how this builds up the difficulty over time. maybe some extra warring sounds would be nice that build more tension and pressure to player as well.

the Idea is good. got some question but never got pass after 4 each time. there is bug already mention but also the amount of tries aren't reset after you lose the game.

It still luck based but when the trading comes to play it will be more strategic (also i am currently looking for adding more cards that do more different things). about the UI I am going to fix that I use some blurry effects to make the game look better but if the player can't see the UI so good it needs to be fixes.

It is a good game. there is only one bug in level 6 when you parked the car the banner objective complete won't go away unless you go to the main menu.

good luck to finish the game.

game is fun. it some of score tracking and The people on the background need to be more visible 

fun puzzel game to play. solve them all. the only thing that I had problems with was stiff controls. or the controls didn't always reacted that well. but the game and idea works really good.

the game looks good. in graphics and controls the objective is very clear what to do in the game. I also got a few point for improving some of them are already said by others.

- the collides at the wall sometimes my rocket gets slow when it hits the wall
- If you can't solve it make a point were you can refuel your rocket once.
- also if my rocket hits the wall or fall from high spaces it didn't get damage.

Fun game. good difficulty ramp. easy power ups. 

the game have a basic concept. but I can guess that you didn't had enough to finish it. do you have any plans to finish this game after the Jim jam.

My eyes are both off screen now. I never could make even one point. looks like I am bad at this game or I find the controls a little  bit clumsy placing it in the bottom right corner. 
it would be better if you had put it in the middel. for the most part it is a good concept if you change these bit I think you have something good.

over 9000 points before I the snake died. the game is good but I think you shouldn't spawn flowers over water. and some collision are weird like the snake that you meet I don't know how long his collision box is. but the controls are good and there response of it. 

So nanny Shibas have died because of me. :(

great game to play take me a while to understand what to-do I was running around until I notice a room that only could be open if you collected all 4 clothing. I did collect all 4 and I tough I was safe but no but what I got was a surprise.

The devouring snake that eats everything.  great game from an old concept idea. 

there is only one thing. can you make the firing power ups with the keyboard instead of mouse because the same hand that I use for the arrow keys I use also for the mouse.

Math, I was never good at it. And after this I am still bad at it. but still, this is a good game that can teach you a thing of two.

nice concept for a game. maybe you should make more levels. to give it more challenge. and YAY 

the game is fun. I think some power ups would be fun too. the sounds are good too bad you didn't have music in it. the graphics look really good and the game is somewhat already polish. so keep up the good work.

I am planning to continue making this game. and fix some issues that you have mention to me. the origin of the game idea comes from laser light and old dos game that I use to play. but i saw that other game to what you mention and I can use some idea's out of it as well.

So thank you for your feedback

sometime if I jump and land on the ground or on a platform the snake make a little bump.  it happens when two colliders overlap. and because it is unity it want to fix it by bumping the snake a little bit up so that the snake doesn't get stuck into the ground.I don't know if the fix is by changing something in the rigidbody component or in script.

Fun little puzzel game I hope you will make more after the jam. :P

works good and it is a good puzzel game.

what Tim couldn't beat but me I can say I beat it. so I saw the ending. but i keep my mount shut I want to see if other people can beat it as well. also complements on this massive amount of work that you pulled of last weekend.

charming game to play. if you need some time to think.

this is going into my Jim Jam 2 gems. seriously for your first game you deserve some respect for it.I think if fix some of these bugs like glitch platforming and make some more random patterns this game can become you first good game for your portfolio.

this is some deep shit I saw and played.

did play game and it is fun game to play there is one thing i didn't notice until it happend it was the shop. i didn't know there was a shop in the game. lucky that you made it appear when I am close at the mid section. but A sign would help so i can find it back.

the enemy's look okay they are well made in design as well the hero.  there are some sounds. 
there is music there good enemy AI so yeah I enjoy it.

And people still wondering how hell would look like.

it is fun game that you made in just under 10 hours. I saw somewhat of the stream.
The last level took me a while to figure out but, I beat your game.

Some tips.
-make some exit button or let escape quit the game.
-close the level with some small hill.(I just jump of the cliffs sometimes.)


oh geeze that last part made me a little bit tripping

take me a moment to get use of the controls. play some games on easy to get the hang of it. after it I could play this game on hard mode. 

One thing I want to add is that you should upgrade your graphics after this jam so the game has a little bit more feel to it.

I will work the game further out.
my idea was to make this game with the idea of ancient and alchemy from the ouroboros theme. but I think I put myself off the chart again :P 

well I played it. and I am a little confuse what todo. is the purpose of the to defeat every enemy or finding a exit before the time runs.
 I think you and your team of 3 hard working people can make this game even better. 

And I think this game will be better after this jam.
I think the graphics looks cool the concept looks cool. it just need some extra work but I think you can pull this off.

I personnel think this is a good game with good basic stuff in it it would be more difficult if I had seen more different levels or even see the creature eat you  so that you have to eat again to regrow your own body.
I really think you still can do a lot with this game and that is a good thing to see.