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Firefox 67.0.2 64bits

Maybe it is related, I see this error in the JS console :
TypeError: The expression cannot be converted to return the specified type. dankreleasee.js:133

Wonderful game !
Demanding controls, tough puzzles, charming atmosphere... I didn't expect so much fun !

As a minor side note, the fullscreen mode does not seem to work.

I'm planning on testing this game with some friends.
Would you have a printer-friendly version by chance, please ?

SHRUBNAUT community · Created a new topic FATAL ERROR
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I loved the game but each time I tried to access the terminal on the right of the map I get this error :

I was using v1.6 2019 on Windows 10 x64.
Also it's a minor details but I got stupidly stuck on the home screen because the text disappears only when you move, not when pressing X / C / X / Y ;D

Best of luck ! Your game is great

I loved the demo ! It's an awesome mix of both games :)

The gatling gun was especially fun.

Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make levels ?

Nice and fast platformer, short and not too hard, with big pixels. I liked it !

Really nice game. It's not often that I finish an arcade game, even less frequent that I replay it in "Hard" mode :) Congrats it's very fun !

Awesome game really !
Here is the detailed feedback blog post :

Ok I will ;)

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I totally agree. Plus the playtest we did this evening prooved it provided too much info than needed for the game.
More on this in my incoming blog review ;)

Also I'm planning to use this to generate some adventurers:

Playtest is scheduled for beginning of next week !

In the meantime I'm working on a one-page extension, and I made a translation in French : Heart B&W v1.6 fr.pdf
Is it ok for you if I share this PDF on my website ? I also would love to suggest it on, a French website that collects single-page RPGs. I think thay would love it !

Wow ! I love it !
I will test it soon and give some feedback :)
Also a question on the rules: when adventurers enter a room, does each player roll its own threats dice and check if special effects apply, or are all dice rolled at once and all threats effects apply to all dice ? The 2nd option seems a bit less likely but the fact that special effects are bound to different dice results seems to suggest this to me...

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Hi !

I really like the design of your game and the idea for the game mechanic, which reminds me of Daniel Solis' Pencil Park.

However I am not sure to understand a few details of the rule :
- for 2 or more players, at first I though there was a common grid and one marker per player. However given the point system I am a bit confused : is it one grid per player ? And if so, another question arise : is there 1d6 rolled every turn and every player use it, or should each player roll its dice ?
- is it ok if 2 tetra-blocks with the same marker touch each other ?

If I got the points system right, the goal is absolutely NOT to fill lines but to get as high as possible ?


I really enjoyed the rythme and design of this coop game !

One issue however : in one room there was a cavity where the depth was too high to get out, and one player got stuck in it, hence game over :(