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Ooof. That last one where there are three in a row that are moving that you can't see is pretty difficult.

But the concept is pretty neat and the sound is incredibly atmospheric!

You're welcome. You have some really neat stuff on your page!

And yeah, it was my false assumption I had to "push" the sheep rather than just let them run from me. :)

The first time I played I wasn't sure what "pushed" the sheep. But the second time, I realized the sheep just wanted to stay away from me and was able to get all 16 into the pen. :D

This was fun and I could see this expanding into a bigger game. The only thing I might change is the responsiveness of the sheep so it is more obvious that they want to keep away. But that's a matter of "feel" than anything and entirely subjective.

Then I'll be back! :D

Sweet! Looking forward to getting it on mobile!

Glad to help! I'm a developer too, so I know what it's like to get vague bug reports. :D

I loved the music and polish you brought to the design. It honestly screams at me that this is just part of a much larger scale game. I do hope you make more!

I really like this game. There are definitely synergies I'd try to go for and get higher and higher scores as I play. The sound was well done and satisfying when you killed a lot of them. The only thing I felt was missing was some sort of health indicator... Maybe? But that may not even be necessary. Hope you expand on this idea!

The graphics, sound and style were very good. I'd love to see this expand into something bigger! :D

I can see this design going pretty far. It's really fun to play and the visuals are really good. I think that sound would put this over the top! I hope you do more levels and puzzles!

I also got the "interact" text over the dialog. I think it has to do with waking up with the plant further front of the room. Also when the plant is placed at the back of the room, "talk" goes above the screen.

I really like the style and dialog system and can't wait to see you put it in other games like the ones you show off on Twitter!

This was well done. Though I almost missed the dash mechanic because it dropped behind a tree. And I still wasn't sure what that white square on the right was doing to prevent me from going right and how dashing resolved the problem.

But I like the idea and the execution!

I really love the music. It gave the piece a lot of ambiance and loneliness!

The polish on the visuals and controls are superb!

I really loved this. It was super cute. Though, I have to admit, I really don't like first-person stealth mechanics because I always feel like I'm lacking information.

Also, I love that you made this into a video on YouTube!

Post Mortem

I did a couple more bug fixes after the end of the jam. I learned a ton of things over the GameJam including a few nuances of Godot. Also I'm surprised how well Godot was able to use that many 3D objects at once, especially in the HTML5 export. At least on my machine, it handled it well in both Chrome and Firefox.

One of the major issues I have with the design is that the angle and distance makes it too small to really appreciate the characters. If I close the distance, it makes handling the mobs and navigation more difficult. Perhaps I could do that if I switch out the gameplay for more combat rather than mob handling/maze traversal.

I also may need to switch to a more "chibi" style to get more personality out of the characters.

There are a number of things that I realize I have to learn:

  •  Between Level Loading Screens
  • Arm Twist Deformations
  • Animation Blending (This may only be necessary with Twin-Stick or Shooters. Not so necessary for other gameplay styles.)
  • Differences in Materials and Unique Instancing of Materials per Mesh
  • Spatial Material Manipulation and Logic
  • Level Design as an aspect of creating puzzles to solve + emotional impact

There are a number of technical issues that I need to see if they can be resolved in Godot:

  • gITF importing that has a combination of bone animations and blendshapes
  • FBX importing in Godot 3.2 may resolve this issue though

I also learned that with a more compressed 48 hour jam coming up, I'll need to be faster or create even simpler animations or levels or completely switch to 2D. It is difficult to squeeze the right amount of quality with 3D that could come from 2D in such a short period of time.

I certainly hope to do another project with Succubus as a character, but we'll see. There is a lot still to learn and I'm happy (and proud) to have completed this game.