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laughed 馃憤

Or you could just say stop arguing about what character is getting in.

Its literally been leaked that its tankman, Ninjamuffin has said should we reveal the first song for tankman, and has been retweeting tankman images.

Ritz leaked song is extremely slow, and ninjamuffin said week 7 will give us carpal tunnel if we dont learn 2 handed playstyles, and im pretty sure the tellytubbies themesong isnt gonna give us carpal tunnel, However tankman's Ugh song will.

Im basically only allowed to play normal, week 3 works fine though.

When i run it through virus total it says its a trojan injector. Is it safe?

How do you install files that come from paste bin?

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Im a bit dumb and dont know what a game directory is, what is it?

arent i so smart

edit: nevermind, its working, Thanks!

The file is larger than nuclear throne, Any other ideas?

Also, should the game be in beta/mods mode or the current mode?

I did the ntt assemble stuff and did the stuff i needed to do, but NTT dosent start, What do i do?

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but i sold my duck lmao

rip me

and no fire bombs