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I thought this game wasn't on itch? Did it just get released? Anyway I just wanted to say great game :) I enjoyed it a lot and once you think you're done, you're not actually done because there's so much to do! Thanks for an amazing game!

this game is a r t. hopefully someone gets my christmas messgage. Much cute, much enjoy. Thank you for game. Very enjoy game. 

(ps, try saying double depresso expresso three times fast it's very difficult.)

im so confused but i still love it

I preordered the game, I'm just worried I'm not actually going to get the game for whenever it comes out lol

Does anybody know any games like this?

I love all your games .3.

lol i just realized you're the person who commented on my comment. hi 

The same thing is happening to me, it's so weird. Like I've tried pressing launch and then it runs for 1 second and then shuts down. Nothing ever pops up, either. I've tried the app AND site.

Help! I can't get it to run! I unzipped it and double clicked the application. I really wanna play this D: please help! uwu