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Double Team

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I am looking forward to get ready for beta in 2019.
Development is going pretty smooth so far, but I also want to take the time for proper polishing, optimisation and some pr would be nice too.
But I am glad to hear that, and hope for more feedback when I post new progress.

It`s really sad that you we're forced to take it down, but as mentioned in the comments, the internet still has it! ;)

So first of all thanks for letting me have the experience!
Was it just me rushing or did you cut the part when Lisa kills the player?
You did an incredible work on rebuilding everything exactely how it is.
I once tried to rebuilt P.t. in Unity but that was my first game prject.
what I am trying to say is that I have heavily studied all the scripting why it was a breeze for me to walk through the game.
Only the little but very well thought out changes of the puzzles got me a little of. But the changes are very well designed, almost intuitive.^^
Everythings perfect! 
However you could have spent some more time on the character animations, especially when the player wakes up or picks up the flashlight.
The postprocessing is a little bit over the top. And you could have saved some performance by using prebaked reflectionprobes, that get exchanged in the shader while only using SSR for Lisa.
Non the less the visuals are incredible! :O 

Once again thank you so much!!!!

I am really sorry for you! I hope you can understand that this was my first project and I knew nothing about how to set up the player back than. But if you liked the idea of a good new horrorgame, you should stick around for our new main project.