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Thank you so much again!!! <3

It was such a delight to watch! :D

Hi Siaca! I'm glad you're interested & I'm sorry you had issues opening the game D:

Can you let me know the process you went through with opening it? I just tried downloading & opening the zip & folder on my end (windows PC) and it works fine for me. Is there an issue with opening the zip itself?

Ohh thank you for making a video with our game! I loved watching this :D

And don't worry the leaf blower wasn't super bad haha!

Thank you so much for playing & I'm glad you enjoyed it :>

THIS GAME IS SO GOOD!!! I love everything about this! Especially the little decorations you can give to the food haha. Good job you guys!

oh my gosh I'm super late to this but this devlog is an absolute delight!!! any cooking-related games make me weak i love em so much. I'm super looking forward to playing this game!