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Hey thanks you i hope you'll like the next chapter ;)

UPDATE 2 (BUILD 0.4.0 MAJOR) —-Chapter1

-Added Flashlight system with battery

-Added sanity system

-Added sanity effects

-Added HUD

-Added drugs

-One more ending (or is this just the begining? hehe…)

-Fixed translation

-Fixed lights

-Fixed minor bug

I deleted the demo because it was really outdated, maybe later i'll
make another one but now it's time to work on chapter2.

Chapter 2 will be a lot bigger so i'll release it when first
part will be ready.
Save will work between different version too, so no progress lost.

Thanks for you support all, hope you'll have fun.


Planned features for chapter 2 :

-Chapter 2 will be a lot longer.
-Multiple choices to do.
-Trophies for each chapters.
-Large places to visit (semi open world).
-You'll can die from madness and so you'll need to use drugs.
-When your sanity will be low, randoms events will happen,
it will affect your sight and hearing too.

Hello ladies and gentlemans !

Today i'll tell you a bit about the plot of Chapter 2.

First chapter 2 will reveal new things about chapter 1,

you'll play as a detective ( Lars Taylor ) and investigate on events

of chapter 1.

You'll discover something bigger behind, something you are not supposed to


How far people are willing to go to achieve their dreams?

Postez vos idée pour le jeu ou vos avis sur le trailer jouable!

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Hey guys!

This is my first release .

Little voices in my head is a horror/psycho game that will
try to bring you in a world where reality meet sureal thing.

I'll try to make the game the more disturbing, where the player
will have to ask himself the good question to maybe
discover the truth behind this story.

Right now the game is a prototype, this is just the begining of
a (crazy) story but you can already play it and, of course,
give me some feedback/idea.

I'll bring new content as soon i can for you all!

Hope you'll like it and have a good night…!!

You can post here your idea for the game and feedback.

Created a new topic Bug thread/topic des bugs
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You can talk about bug here! i'll fix them as soon i can.

Build 0.1.1

-Fixed some bug

-Improved performance

-Game size is now 60mo!