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Obrigado, esse é particularmente um dos meus favoritos, um dos mais legais de fazer. Ele tem um problema de game design que é a pouca intuitividade, espero que o senhor tenha conseguido jogar ele bem apesar disso. 

Obrigado novamente. Se for ocorrer algum tipo de avaliação baseada em gráficos futuramente eu acho importante ressaltar que a própria game jam na qual submeti esse jogo me disponibilizou todos os assets gráficos então nenhum deles é de autoria minha.

Que bom que gostou da narrativa. Na verdade a narrativa foi improvisada porque esse projeto foi pra uma jam de dois dias e eu deixei pra fazer a história no final(estava mais focado em detalhes de ambientação até então). Por isso é bom saber que tenha ficado divertida apesar disso.

Boa tarde, professor, é o Izack aqui("Doomerismo" é meu perfil que eu uso pra game jams e projetos diversos no itch). Obrigado pelo feedback. Todos os projetos submetidos nesse perfil são projetos solo. A única coisa que não é de autoria minha aí é a fonte em questão que é padrão da IDE.  Utilizei Tic-80(computador fantasia com ambiente de programação baseado em LUA e alguns "programas" para criação de sprites e sfx/músicas) nesse e no outro projeto "Grounded".  Fico contente que tenha apreciado os gráficos(apesar de esse ser basicamente meu nível como pixel artist). 

Very pretty game. Great sprites and music. Very Polished too. One minor UI problem is that you can't unchose a party member after you choose.

Thanks. I thought about implementing skippable turns but feared that it would let the game too easy. 

Almost forgot to rate your game. It have a good core loop. The dificult curve could be better and the mobility more fluid but is overall a good jam game.

Interesting narrative game with good implemented mechanics.

Sad taht you had no time to implemente more levels. The game hjad potential to be a great puzzlle game in the puzzlle list of this jam.

nice game.

Very interesting idea and is clear that you put much effort in the details and polishing. The major problem in this game is the music. It gets really annoying.

Nice shooter. The scenario is nice composed.

This cover have much appeal(although it passses a wrong idea about the game i was expecting something more horror and not FPS). The gameplay is pretty fluid and is a good experience even beeing short. There are just a few problems like the lack of an UI and some minor bugs like some enemies entering scenario elements.

Interesting snake like game. Is the worm getting bigger? If not i would sugest this. The gamee could be based in getting the worm bigger and the bullets instead of insta killing just decreasing the worm size.

A soid casual. Have some serious problems with colliders tho.

It's a very good game(principally for a guitar hero fan like me), but it have a game design problem: The game makes you focus totally in the arros sequence and the runner turns out to be irrelevant, you should have mixed those two parts. Other sugestion would be someething more Flappy Bird where you lose in one miss. Besides this it just need some minor polishing to be a comercial looking casual game.

Simple but yet functional shooter. A quite laggy(and my PC is relatively okay) but can be something i'm doing wrong.

Fantastic visual, fluid gameplay and some time related thematic. Gave you 5 stars.

This game have personality. Very well constructed and it even have a message.

Excellent game. It even haves anti-capitalism ahuahuahuahuahuahua. I don't know if using the magnetism to fly with the colectables was an intended feature bu is interesting.

It is less pratical. The lack of an editor consumes a lot of time.

Now i'm curious. If you use a 2 card and your ATK stat is 0 the damage will always be 2. Did you get a lot of clover aces?(seems improbable they're rare). Well the idea was to give more visual feedback to the battle and the sign at the first floor explains breefly some things,but ir really needs a better tutorial. I had no time to implement those things, unfortunately.

I like your way of thinking. Me too like using pure code tools(Monogame in my case). But im not doing this in game jams again ahauahauahaauahauahauaajau.

Nice game.

It has potential. Needs better controls(camera too sensitive), more gameplay eleements to diversify the core loop and bigger rooms.

Interesting shooter. Good work with contrast.

Although not gives the feel of a complete game, the explored mechanic is really nice. With more polishing like smoother camera transition when changing planets it could be a really cool experience.

It's a good game with a good idea. This woulkd combine with the last GMTK game jam(the theme was out of control). Things that would make the experience better are character building and bug correction(in a given moment i had more than my maximun HP).

Your game is very similar to mine in a lot of ways. Like mine it lacks polishing too, principally a tutorial. Principally your game neeeding understanding about card games to play aparently(thing that i don't have). I see you used some kind of API without editor(i did this too with Monogame), maybe this is the major cause for the raw state of your game(at last for me it was like this). You should try to re-do this with a more pratical engine, it really looks like something that would be good to play with better presenting.

Looks like a nic game with an original idea. The controls have design isssues tho.

I can easily see this in a fliperama. Real good arcade.

One of the most original ideas i saw in a game jam.

lol must have took a lot of time.

It really looks like some piece of retro PC game, very cool. 

Cool game. A lot of features and very nice screen effects. The music combined well too.

Very constructive. Balance was one of the things i ran out of time to do. If i ever get to work in this project again i'll consider this all. Thanks.

One of the most engaging games so far.

It haves a lot of dynamics for a jam game, mixing a lot of gamew styles. Prety impressive.

The most creative tetris based game i ever playied.

Nice game, good arcade vibes. Importing imags to TIC-80 is a PRO feature only?