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Thank you! yeah there's actually a pattern in every level that saves you from having to rely on speed, you gotta die quiet a few times before you figure it out or memorize it haha

epic story telling, love it!!

thanks!! yeah unfortunately we were primarily testing with WASD and didn't cross our minds to try arrow keys functionality

pretty cool art love the gameplay too

Fun little game! Chrome's dinosaur on steroids haha

cool artstyle, loved the water physics!

trust me though i relate LOL i couldn't kill the 3 in the video I posted (did it later tho)

yeah we were planning to add more visual cues and maybe even a timer it'd greatly help but we ran out of time as an entry for this jam

definitely working on it again

I tried to make it easy by making the enemies stand in front of cameras in the order they shoot you in (so you just gotta switch using E you dont need to go back with Q)

so yeah, try to catch visual clues like for example the first enemy stands in front of the second tyre of the crane right as the crane starts rotating while carrying the car

Oops you've discovered like one of many bugs haha

yeah it's rushed for the jam but we're definitely addressing these