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Thanks, we’re glad you liked it! Also bioBrittle is really fun!

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EN: Hey, does anybody want to translate from English to Turkish? If so, contact me and we can work together!

TR: Selam, oyunu Türkçe’ye çevirmek isteyen var mı? Eğer varsa bana yazın, beraber çevirelim!

It’s really fun!

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I thought it was a feature, and that there was a chance for spells to miss

You're crazy good at this!

Thanks for playing and streaming our game! 

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your input, Rosko!

Thanks, we're glad you liked it!

Thank you for your suggestion!

Nice game!

Man, wish I could make fun games like this.

Super cool concept, my password game has changed forever after playing this.

letters = numbers

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I know that feeling. A drawing that should've taken "2 days at most" took me 2 whole months. Of course, what you accomplished here was much harder. I'm glad that you didn't give up!

It was a great experience. I'm curious, how long did it take you to make this game?

i got "the end?" too. there are multiple endings?!?!

Amazing game. The characters felt very real!

Yes, it is currently missing but will be added in the next update!

your mom will be there on an updated version, stay tuned!


Weird, but in a good way lmao

Amazing game. Short and sweet. No wonder people still remember it fondly even after 20 years. I'm glad that it's back for new people like me to enjoy.

Does anyone know how they did the graphics? I can't quite get if they are made of real photos or something else.

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this game is so good that you don't even need to download it lmao

Cool game, love the graphics! Gameplay is fun too. Also the point system gives it some replayability. Well done!

Super fun, love it!

Finished it! Damn, that was hard. I really like how you managed the limitation by going simplistic. The lack of music was noticeable. But overall a very fun game, well done!

Cool game, quite original!

I'm kinda biased but it was fun! Also, while I was playing, the human suddenly vanished and never came back lmao

Very solid game overall. Love the music!

how is everything you make so goofy and fun, and how can we be like you? aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I'd never expect someone to make a game for DS in 2021. I have to check it out!

Such a high quality game. I can't believe it was made in 26 days! Simply amazing. I'm sure the developer of this game will make even better games in the future.

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I felt like I was playing a JRPG. Oh, the countless hours of grind! The dialogue system was also very nice. It's obvious that whoever made this game put a lot of time and effort into it. But I'll be honest with you: After playing it for about 15 minutes, I kinda got bored of the grind. I feel like if there was more variety, I could keep grinding for longer, just to see those new environments and enemies. (I'm sorry if this is already a thing and I didn't see them because I couldn't beat the boss) But it's totally understandable because we only had 5 days. In fact, I think this was the most logical choice: Quality over quantity.  Delivering a short, solid game with no bugs instead of a huge game that is broken.

The story was also intriguing and made me curious: Who is our character? Who is he? What are these slimy creatures? Why is the boss bigger, and why is he fighting us?

So all in all a very nice game that gets a bit stale after some time, but we can say that for %90 of games made in jams. Keep on rocking!

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It was a very fun game! I think it would be even better if hitboxes were a bit more accurate, and if our ship had a "took damage" animation! For example, when our ship is hit, it becomes red for 0.2 seconds. The same animation could also be used for enemy ships. This would give the player important feedback without having to check the UI. This is a bit of a nitpick though. Overall, its a very fun game with no game-breaking bugs or such. And you did it in only 5 days! That's an achievement on its own. Also, the tutorial was very well-made and it explained everything I needed to know.

Thanks for checking out our game! And also thanks for the solid feedback you gave us, it will help us improve the game!

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Yes, multiple people reported that the enemies stop spawning after wave 26. Luckily our programmer is a living legend, so I'm sure this issue will be fixed very soon.

What a cool concept. Art style is really nice too! Overall a very good game

Glad you liked it! We had fun thinking of all these pencil and eraser themed stuff!

Thanks for your feedback, we're glad you liked it! We'll see what can be done about the loud SFX.