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Hello hello!  I have been following the games development for a while now and just sat down to play it for the first time. It took me a second to get a grip on the controls but after a while I was able to get a handle on things. If I may make a suggestion, I think the game might benifit from a wall ascension mechanic. Often times I found myself falling into pits or wanting to perfom a wall jump to climb out of small spaces. For some reason I went into the game expecting to be able to do something like this and found it rather awkward when I wasnt able to. 

Personally I dont think this idea would be too out of character for Gabby, as she is a cats and cats do like to climb. It seems to be a common association with the species. Cats have those tall long playgrounds that they play in, Super Mario 3D Land's cat suits give you the ability to climb up walls. Since the game is a parcor game it seems natual to be able to run up walls for a berif momnent. I think this would even allow future levels to have more verticality too them as most of what I played seems to be about running straight with little change in elevation. 

Just a suggestion to help make things more fluid and natual to play. Keep up the good work! 

Thank you for playing! I think so too, try giving thr latest build a try! 

How does the player character feel to control? Is something off?