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any demo?

Any demo version?

any windows -offline version?

any demo version?

this source code if not valid - please upload whole compressed project file.

this source code if not valid - please upload whole compressed project file.

the link to google drive is dead

the link to google drive is dead

Hi there, these files are broken.

So, You used game maker to create this game, right? Isn't gmz old gamemaker extension? I have found this link with gmz ext on LudumDare page, but the link is dead. Will You be so kind to share with us the source code? Hmmm or mabye tutorial on YT? ;)

Thank You! Much better for me. 


Yes, my browser crashes when I start to play web versions on itch. :/ Thank You :)

Hi, I am writing regardinf hero to zero game, its so nice, but the links on LD39 page are dead: / exe - could You upload these versions here, please? Thank You. :)

Merci ;)

sorry, but this is file is broken. Could You upload whole project?

unfortunately, the LD35 page is off so we cannot download it from there.

unfortunately, the LD34 page is off


🇺🇦 Grand Theft Tractor: Ukraine

any exe versions?

so? do pou have exe version?

broken link

CLASH! - Battle Arena community · Created a new topic demo

Hi, do You have any demo version?

Do You have windows version? ((exe)

Can You upluad exe version for windows please?

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Well, my browser crashes when I try to run Your tool. So this is why I asked about exe version for windows.

Hi, have you got exe version for windows?

have you got exe version for windows?

Have you got a windows version? (exe)?

the link is dead

the link is dead

hi, this file is just main project file, no other files are there.

links are dead.

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Hi there! It looks nice! Have You got a playable demo?

have You got it on android system?

have You got any demo?

have you got any demo to test it? For one-two images limit.?

Could You upload an executable file for windows please?