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[This was the second game I played in this video] I really enjoyed the concept of this game. It's nothing revolutionary, but I love that there are additional snowmen to confuse the player on where Frosty is. Fun game!

[This was the first game I played in this video] I thought that this was solid for what it was. Very short but had fun playing it!

This was such a solid demo that gave me a great taste of what's to come!!

Loved this so much that I jumped back into it to do a story breakdown, secrets, things I've noticed, and a future update coming to the game type of video!

This definitely was a very solid Christmas horror game. Wasn't TOO big of a fan for the story but definitely appreciated the effort! I feel like the game needs a voice actor with how story based it is (or at least it would've breathed life into the story). My biggest issue was that 90% of the jumpscares, I never really saw WHAT was jumpscaring me. I don't know if it was a bug or not, but it would have been way more effective to see what was physically doing that to me. HOWEVER, this is still a great game that I think everyone should play!

I enjoyed this! I think the ending would've been more effective with a cutscene rather than just text on the screen. However, this game has BRUTAL jumpscares and naturally haunting moments!

This was a very solid game! However, I wasn't really a fan of the item switching and using element of this game. I go further into detail in the video. Overall though, worth the play!

ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE!! The execution of this game is on a whole new level with deep lore that brings it to life! A MUST PLAY!!

Once again thanks for the key! I enjoyed this a lot! I thought that it was very enjoyable and oddly terrifying at times!

I fell in love with this game the moment I started playing! Looking forward to the full release!

I enjoyed this Mario horror game. Wish there was some more use with his evil doppelgänger. I was very impressed with the visuals and fluidity of the game!

[This was the second game I played in this video] Enjoyed this a lot! Loved the reveal at the end!

I can't express how fun this game was! It was so cool to see the reimagining of the original while still keeping faithful! However, my main issue I had was that the Fanta doesn't stun him long enough. I could never find more than one every playthrough and the stun doesn't stagger him long enough for him to escape. Left some notes explaining that in the video! Other than that, I loved this!

[This was the first game I played in this video] This was such a solid atmospheric horror game. Thought the execution and idea was great! Worth the play!

[This was the second game in my video] I appreciate what you were going for but the game felt cloudy majority of the time. Big plot holes and missed opportunities to add more into the game for a better payoff. I left some notes at the end of the video in which I think would help improve this game! Was still fun to experience! 

Loved what y'all are doing here! Very curious to play a full version! Keep up the great work!

I think that this game has a lot of potential. Most of my issues reside in the chase. I left some notes at the end of the video but was very heated while giving them so don't take them personally LOL. I think this game could be awesome moving forward and has a lot of great moments! Looking forward to more!

I think the combination with hyper realistic body cam and only being able to see it with camera flashes is genius! It works so well together! Left some notes at the end of the video in which I think would improve the game moving forward! Just some ideas! LOVED THIS!

This was such a fun short horror game. I left some notes on some of my nitpicks at the end of the video!

[This was the first game I played in this video] Even though some moments of this game felt kind of goofy (mainly the audio choices in my opinion), I thought that this was OUTSTANDING, especially for your first game. Very inspired by 'It Follows'. The ending was really my only complaint. 

[This was the second game I played in this video] I thought that this was a solid prologue. The best part was the camera navigating in the dark places. I love how interactable the world is. Left some notes at the end of the video that I think would improve the game moving forward!

LOVED THE NEW UPDATE!! I love how much lore is actually hidden in this! Can't wait for the full release!

This had me on the edge of my seat from the moment I started, to getting secrets within the game! Can't wait for the full release!

This was a lot of fun! The pacing seemed a little over the place, but I really enjoyed doing tasks and the mystery of where the mannequin would be next!

This game has a lot of potential! I think if you were to add voice actors and some more ambience to some of the areas it would help a lot! Looking forward to the full game!

This was a very cool game! I would've loved to have more hints that it was a doppelganger throughout the game, but enjoyed it!

As always, this was another masterpiece for the series! Love the addition of interactables and was SO FUN and CREEPY! Here's to another!! 

Super fun game! Mr. Hopp is scary af!

This was so much fun! My only complaint was that there were not enough checkpoints. I felt like it was very tedious to start from the beginning every time. 

Update 4.0 was COOL! 

This game is so promising!! Left some notes near the end of the video on my opinion and what I think would improve this demo moving forward!

Really enjoyed the creativity with this one!

Loved the first game but this one exceeded my expectations! Chucky feels very difficult however, even on the easier difficulties. Yet, I enjoyed this a lot!

Solid game with some good moments. Needs some ambient music to help this go to the next level!

FINALLY somebody put a viewable window in an Iron Lung game that we explore. For the game being so linear, I was still very impressed and enjoyed exploring the horrors of the ocean! Great game!

This game is SO MASTERFUL with ambience and tension building! I thought that the story was very well written and done, however, I think that voice actors would have really breathed life into your incredible game! Very well done that MANY people will soon play I'm sure!!

Jumped back into this because it's SO FUN!!

Late to it, but loved this!

Hands down the most BIZARRE Spongebob horror game I've played yet. I applaud you for your creativity! Left some notes that I think would improve the game or future game! Fun game!