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I really enjoyed the wacky, creative side to this game! It is very fun to take care of the pet beetles and even more heartbreaking with what happens to them! I don't know if there's a true ending to the game or if it's an on going simulation. However, that didn't stop me from having fun!

I love how this game connects on a personal level with the player! It was very fun to play! I left a couple of notes to the dev at the end of the video! VERY COOL GAME

I love how this game plays off of the animatronic horror genre! It's such a humorous silly game, HOWEVER, that animatronic is straight NIGHTMARE FUEL! I do wish since it's a parody of these games, that there were more nights that you could revisit Place For Children and perhaps play more mini games and survive longer until you uncover the truth (unless I just missed that you could go back) but overall, this was a great experience!

What an AMAZING experience! The only complaint I have is that it was so short. HOWEVER, it is a MUST PLAY for all horror fans! VERY GOOD WORK

I love the idea. Still needs work to be done (but that's expected because it's still early access), however, it didn't stop me from having a great time! If you're a fan of either Breaking Bad or FNaF you should give it a try! To the dev's, I left some notes at the end of the video, but keep working hard on this! 

This was quite the experience. I love trying to focus on sending these "codes" while people, events, etc try to harm you. The mystery of this game is what definitely shines the most! IT'S A MUST PLAY! AMAZING JOB!

As odd as this game is, it leaves you wanting more. It takes the classic hangman game and spins you around it's finger as you hope and pray to NOT mess up! I don't know if there's a "technical" ending yet, but it was very enjoyable! Good job to the dev!

It was fun! Thanks for watching!

This was an interesting game. I like how you need to entertain the audience as you play a lackluster game to gain more subscribers! I did get frustrated with the hunger system near the end of the game, but that didn't stop me from re running it and completing the game! Left a few notes for the Dev at the end! It's enjoyable! Give it a try!

The pacing in this game is great. It definitely is a trail by error experience, but it is very fun! The well thought out, pacing has the player wanting to keep trying to complete each day! I only finished day 1 in this video, but am totally open to do more videos on this!

No problem! Thank you for watching!

Nothing but GREAT things to say about this short, simple, indie horror game! This game really makes the player slowly more and more uncomfortable as they shop for groceries. Very good plot twist as well! GREAT JOB! TOTALLY RECCOMMEND PLAYING THIS!  

Amazing second story. The tension and buildup in this game is incredible! It's a MUST PLAY for horror fans!

This was the first game I played in this video. I really like how simple this game was. The build up to the reveal of the monster was pretty good too! If I were to be nitpicky, I'd say maybe give the player some sort of assurance that the game is finished, maybe a proper ending, instead of just shutting the game off. Other than that, VERY ENJOYABLE! GOOD WORK!

This was the second game I played in this video. This sequel in my opinion was better than the original. It takes all the good things about Doghouse and builds and improves upon it! Didn't unlock all the endings, but was very satisfied with what I did play! GREAT JOB

AMAZING! I wish there were more Michael Myers games like this! I hit a few bugs on the way, but it didnt' throw me off from having the time of my life running and screaming from Michael Myers!!!! A MUST PLAY

Loved this fan made parody of the classic game! Feels very nostalgic to the original fnaf but with a silly, somehow spooky twist to it! Didn't beat it in this playthrough, but might livestream it in the future! GREAT JOB! Worth the play!

This was the second game I played in this video. I really think the creativity of this game shines the most of all. Unfortunately I couldn't beat it because the snowmen enemies kept clapping my cheeks through walls and etc. but it was a lot of fun from what I did play! 

This was the first game I played. I loved the style of this game. It's so simple, yet so effective looking through a tv screen as weird things happen around you! Can't wait for the full release! Very Good!

I really think the atmosphere and idea of this game is incredible. That being said I need to say that I played for over an hour and never found one painting at all. Maybe I just ran by them without noticing, but it felt very difficult that I couldn't find a single one, and also the fact that 90% of the time the creature knew where I was. That being said, I still think this game is worth playing for yourself due to it's out of nowhere jumpscares and panicky feeling of it! GOOD JOB DEV! I left a few notes at the end of the video that might help this game become stronger in the future! 

I like how every villager can't be trusted. Don't expect too much from this since it's still in work, but what is in the game currently is pretty decent stepping stones for the future! However I left a note at the end of the video that might help with the full release of the game!

This is the first of your games that I've played that hasn't been a slender game and I enjoyed it! The creature designs are very cool, and I like how you get a feeling that they are always watching you! I think in my personal opinion that they could be quicker when they chase you, because they never really felt too threatful. But overall, I enjoyed this game! Good work to the dev and I recommend giving it a try!

Like all maze horror games, expect to run from something chasing you. However, it's the story and lore that makes this game shine through! I also like the monster design as well! I left some notes at the end of the video. I enjoyed this game though! Good work!

I can't believe you actually put me in this game! This makes me so happy. THANK YOU! As for the game, I left a couple of notes at the end of the video! GIVE IT A TRY EVERYONE!

Very bizarre, but I like it. There's definitely something deeper underlying this game, just unfortunately didn't have the time to dig deeper!

I knew there was a lot of  hype built around this game and it didn't disappoint! GREAT GAME

This game had me ROLLING! Truly a Christmas MASTERPIECE! Play it for yourself! It's worth it!!!

LOVED THIS! Great story telling as you read more and more of the book and also GREAT building of atmosphere! Totally recommend giving it a try! Here's my playthrough!

I think this a good start to something that can be built stronger upon over time! I like how disturbing Baba Yaga is and how you never know when she is around. You also get a sense that you're always being watched, which is awesome! The puzzles are well thought out and enjoyable. I hope this grows into something very in depth. I want to read Baba Yaga lore now! GOOD JOB DEV!

I'm glad you fixed those issues! Very good job on this game though!

The artistic style of this game reminds me so much of Baldi's Basics. LOVE THAT aspect. I also appreciate the story behind why we find ourselves in an abandoned balloon factory. Each balloon monster in this game is uniquely different and this game definitely has character! I do have a few nitpicky notes at the end of the video, but overall, VERY ENJOYABLE! Give it a play for yourself!

This game was insanely fun to play! It's unique character and mix of humor and horror is what really shines from this game! Can't stress enough how great this was to the devs! GREAT JOB!

ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS! It kind of bases itself off of some cheesy indie horror tropes that we are all used to, HOWEVER, it is SO WELL DONE and polished that you forget about all of that and just worry how to survive this nightmare of a house! Can't wait for the full release! GREAT JOB!

No words to say… except it’s a must play… GREAT JOB Dev! Check out the gameplay here! 

I LOVE how absurdly dark it is. It makes sneaking from Santa very terrifying! Very much recommend this game! Great job to the dev!

Such a rich story inside of an unsettling horror game. Honestly, without me spoiling anything, don't expect a bunch of jumpscares. Expect a very uncomfortable experience that leaves you with your jaw dropped at the end! SUPER GOOD! WELL DONE DEV!

It bugged a few times on me and I had to reset, but I was curious to find out what would happen so I kept going back to it! There's good things in this game, can't wait to play more! (it's the second game I play in this video)

Super fun! Didn't expect Santa to be so creepy! Worth a play for sure! Great Job to the dev! (first game I play in this video)

Such a cool feature to such a simple puzzle horror game! I loved this! I can't get over how cool it is to switch dimensions to solve puzzles all while hiding from a HORRIFIC MONSTER! TOTALLY WORTH THE PLAY!

This was the second game I played in this video! Let me say, I love the style of this game and when it seems like all things can't go wrong, IT DOES! This was such a fun experience! GREAT JOB! Here's my playthrough!