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Actually somehow managed to beat this game! This game is very difficult, yet very worth the play as it has you worried that maybe it did actually take your data and only you can get it back! I think nerfing some of the challenges, especially the color memory, would help with the game. I felt myself very frustrated a majority of the game, unless that was the intention. Anyhow, very good game!!

This has got to be the most bizarre game I've ever played, yet I loved it! Wasn't expecting such a plot twist. I did encounter a bug where Potrick pinned me into a corner and I couldn't get away to go to bed. Other than that, my experience was great with this!

I thought that this was pretty well done! I felt genuinely creeped out at moments and the underlying story was unsettling. I do wish perhaps we got to see more hints that the murders were connected to the assessment but that didn't bother me from having a good time with this!

This was absolutely incredible. In my opinion, the tension and atmosphere was done better in this than Fears to Fathom. Can't wait for the full release! ABSOLUTE MUST PLAY


This is an AWESOME sequel to those who have played the first and a great start to those who didn't! I love the new task of finding the pages of the book before you actually even start the process! I would've liked to have seen The Man From The Window stalking us (unless I missed it). It would've been nice to see him from the rabbit's POV! Other than that, this game was amazing!

I'm blown away by how GOOD this game is! I can't remember the last time I felt this stressed, on the edge of my seat playing a horror game! I think the concept and execution of this game is INCREDIBLE! I do have an issue with some of Bucky's spawns after flashing him once. A few times, he would spawn right next to me causing me instant death on a good run (which was frustrating). Overall though, this game has SO MUCH potential and everyone should give it a try!

SLEEPOVER community · Created a new topic AWESOME GAME

This is a very solid FNaF style game! I love the variety of the enemies and the techniques to avoid them are very interesting! I don't know if I was doing something wrong or if the eye guy kept seeing me, but I couldn't get past night 2! Regardless, I think this is worth the play!

Awesome short game for some good laughs and a few jumpscares. I think the ending had me a little confused, but other than that, W game!

I think that this game has a lot of potential to be great. I think the issue is that most of the time she knows where you are and moves too quick to get away from her (even though there's really no punishment for being caught by her). I also think that a flashlight would benefit the player a lot too. I got caught into a room and couldn't find my way out of it. With that being said, I still think that there's a lot of good things in here and she had me scared for my life a few times!

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(This was the second game I played in this video) I think that there are some very natural spooky moments in this game! I do wish the ending gave the player a bit more clarity of what happens to us in the end. However, this game had me on the edge of my seat!

This was a great 'Late Night Mop' inspired horror game! I thought that it had some very naturally earned jumpscares and spooky atmosphere! Would've loved to have some nice ambience sounds underneath the game, and also would be beneficial to move the box with us so we don't have to keep walking back and forth. However, that's just my opinion. Enjoyed this nevertheless!

LOVE the new additions to this game. I haven't played it since the original release, however I'm glad that I revisited this because the additions to this game make it 10 TIMES SCARIER!!! Still can't wait to see what's in the basement ;)

This was amazing! Some area's felt a little goofy and could've been improved, but I think that it added to the charm of it! I felt at times that I was actually watching a movie and interacting with it! GREAT GAME!

Absolutely incredible game! Might be one of the best of 2023, calling it.

This game is incredible at setting the tone for the player. I really felt like at times that I was playing a Triple A horror game! The VA was great and very in depth as the story is too! Great tension and atmosphere that pays off in the end!

Loved the nostalgia in this game! If I didn't know what Animal Crossing was, and you showed me the first half of this, I wouldn't have told you it wasn't! Like the spooky twist on it too!

This game takes the series that we love and improves on it in many ways with new features and an INCREDIBLE use of atmosphere, audio, and much more! Unfortunately, I did encounter a bug which broke my game at the end, and it would not let me re load my last spot :(. Other than that, this is a flawless improvement of the previous two!

(Gameplay starts at 1:38:00) This was an incredible use of atmosphere and level design. At first the monster seemed goofy, however that made me eat my own words as I fell in love with this incredible, horror game! VERY GOOD GAME!

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Awesome, short indie game that introduces us into a new world that at times can be very terrifying! Can't wait for the sequel!

This is an absolute masterpiece that reminds me of why I love indie horror games so much! The charm, silliness, yet the fact that it still remains creepy with some amazing jumpscares and a conclusion that won't be forgotten! AWESOME GAME!

I thought that this game was awesome! Very massive maze in which you never feel safe in. I think a map would help a bit, just to give the player an idea of where they might be. I ended up running around for about 15 minutes before finding anything else. However, this was a fun game that had me on the edge of my seat!

This is an awesome, creepy mannequin horror game that had me on the edge of my seat navigating this factory! I appreciate the story and the subtle detail to choose your gender, even though I think that it could be more differentiated with the gender you play as. This game has some serious creepy moments as well. I think it could use a bit more polishing to make some of the rooms not so framey, however, I enjoyed this experience a lot!

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VERY GOOD use of atmosphere in this game! Short, yet very effective with an ending that leaves the player screaming for mommy!

I enjoyed this game. I think that it was very cool to have the child's notes wrote out as if she would write them. Very immersive. I like the detail to the multiple endings and how Santy stalks you throughout the house! Very enjoyable Christmas horror game!

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AMAZING update! Love how this answers questions while still introducing new ones! 
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This is a great atmospheric horror game! I think the AI could use some more work. I felt like Danny knew exactly where I was 95% of the time so it gave me hardly a chance until I learned his pattern. I also think real voice actors would bring this story to life and breathe some life into the characters! Regardless, this was still very fun with some great jumpscares!

This is an amazing Christmas horror game with many outcomes to explore! GREAT GAME!!

Super silly and worth the play!

Awesome concept! I thought it was so fun to solve the puzzles and I appreciate that it's RNG as well! I enjoyed the detail on the multiple endings too!

Absolute BANGER! Every horror fan needs to play this game!

My only complaint is that it wasn't long enough! I enjoyed every second of this! Thought it was amazing for what is here! Would've loved to see "Santa" stalk around more or toy with the player more before the conclusion. However, this is an amazing short indie horror game for the holiday's!

WOW! This was incredible! For as short as it was, it left a MASSIVE IMPACT! I really loved this. I think if she actually followed you around more it would've been more impactful at the end, however this is an incredible short horror game!

This was actually pretty good! Liked the effort for a story for this and the maze was awesome! Felt as if I was running for my life literally! A checkpoint system would help with this instead of starting over again every time you die (it became very tideous). Other than that, great solid maze horror game!

Let me start by saying that I think that this is an amazing Christmas Horror Game. However that being said, I think it does have some issues. The frame rate is all over the place and when I went to lower quality, it never saved and registered it. The game crashed on me a few times as well which is very frustrating considering there's NO checkpoint system for the game. The game also does this weird snappy thing with your mouse, mainly when you're outside. I think the ending could've been more climatic as well. All of that being said, I still recommend this game! It's a very fun game once you get past those issues and has a nice, neat story attached that kept me going back! Good starting point! Hope the bugs get resolved!!

Oh yeah this game definitely takes place in Ohio.

Really liked this take on the P.T. style. Felt very refreshing and it stood out amongst other PT games that I have played in the past!

Very interesting concept! I loved the nostalgia feel to this and when it meets horror, it blends together like peanut butter and jelly! 

Did this mainly as a joke video but love the game!