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Ok, think I got how it must work. Thank you again, it was a big help!

But sprites can't be walls, right? If so, how we can use this hack to create closed door which will open after using switch?

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Aaaaaand... It's happen! Now it's working. Thank you very much, finally I understood how to do  it.

Btw, as I understood, this tool don't removing sprite from room? It's  only moving it?

And it's working  not only with sprites, but with tilesand items  too, right?

Well, it's getting more clear, but still not working. I downloaded on computer file of game, added this hack and written in dialog this js function with  right ID, then uploaded updated file back in bitsy. Launched game - hack not working - downloaded file again, and saw that code of hack which I copied hadn't saved fully, only commented lines. Guess, it's might be a problem.

No,  don't seem it's  working - I am adding script code to the file of game, then creating item in which adding dialog with  code "(js "sprite['a'].x = 10;")", then adding sprite with name "a", launching - nothing happen,  item working as usual item, and  sprite staying at the place.

Not sure I understood how it works - I added this function with moving a sprite into the dialog of sprite: (js "sprite['123'].x = 10;"), 

but I just seeing it's as a part of text in dialog itself.

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>make a really long title for your game

Lol, i tried it before writing this post, but didn't work, and tried again after your reply, and on second time it happend just right. But it's taking quite a time to align all lines.

Thank you!

>using hacks to move the sprite after the player uses the switch.

And this I don't understand. How to move sprite? I was thinking about place a exit to similar room on the switch, where door is open, but it's look not very good.

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Sorry if this question already was here, didn't found something similar, but may be it's my own fault.

I can't understand how to create text in the very beginning of the game, which will appear after the name of game. I saw examples where this happening, but can't find a way to do it in my game.

And the second question - how is better to do lever\button which will open the closed door?

Thanks in advance to all for your help!