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the sequence with the parole office is so hot, will you animate the rest of that scene? Parole office and Ed. OMG.

pls include the changelog too. Thank you.

I have a question about "Normal Logan" (top) path. In the Werewolf questlines, before curing Logan, you could capture him and have fun with him (MC as a top). The MC would say something like it would be possible to top Logan in the future. Did anyone test this yet? To top Logan in his normal route.

oh my, the quality of this update is out of this world. Must be the work of magical being Sylving themselves.

The animation man omg. Mind officially blown.

Cant download from itch app. Is is unavailable right now or it is just me?

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man, usually in this kind of game, the MC's design will mostly be meh, but i am so in love with your MC. He is so darn cute. And i love the choice options, the interaction between characters when i chose the "odd options" is very interesting. It makes the characters more alive imo.

why is your font so small bruh? My eyes !!

maybe, but no in this current patch

nice choice on the music department btw

really fit the mood, and the lightning tho, sexy AF

Way to go. Ed is so dreaming tho lmao. Fml

bro dont ever change your body type preference for anyone. When i saw the character design, i was like "oh oke, that is rare" and then i clicked on the game and all the characters are like this, and i slapped myself " am i dreaming?" lmao.

really rare nowadays there is a gay game contents with all this bara characters type goodness like this. You are doing a god work here lmao.

Bruh i was like My Disappointment is Immeasurable and My Day is Ruined. Lmao.

What made this unique is i think the "taboo stuff".

Anyhow, good luck with the development.

can't complain with my broken my behind Engrish. All i can say is muwa!! Chef kiss. Wolf has like 2 bottoming porn lmao, dude be like i am alpha top no bottom. Cant wait for our beefy bro.

Btw, I might have stumbled upon your translation of Moritake game. I might be wrong tho, but your name really looks familiar to me. I myself have tried to translate those games in the past but with my broken Engrish and plus horrible writing skill , i gave up half way. 

Having original art is good and all, but I really like the way you put those real "media" in. Really help with the imagination. I think part of it is because you chose the actors really well, beefy and stuff lmao. Is there any plan for us to be on top? I mean options so you can choose, with proper approach ofc. Topping daddy Wolf in a fan fiction like this is out of this world lol, combine with your amazing writing skill.

music to my ears lmao.

but honestly good choice for dad and bro's actors. I know the dad, but the bro is maybe some random dude on the internet?

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Do you think script proofread and edit jobs are cheap? A small indie game like this will not have enough fund to afford that kind of services tbh. "from bad to actually unreadable" isnt just over the top? I have seen worse.

as tittle, pls help, I cant unlock last scene or last poking item

omg the boss and the security guard are so hot,  the hairy body wow.pls make more game with beefy handsome man like them :) and the last bit of animations are golden.

wish there were more angles to see a little bit more, and the choice to be on top.

Grants and Brent are such dreams. Brent is so sweet and the way Grant feels about Brent are so cute. Can't wait for more "fun" stuff.

Maybe i have to talk to him twice then because i remember after day 19 event, it was already day 20 and i did talk with him in the bakery.

i couldnt trigger the Daz's even on day 25. I already followed your guide.

Any advise?

Yeah i already met him at Jumba and talked about the “pan” which is too expensive. i also have tried to find him jn the bar. I will try to look for him again. I am so bad at game like this 

Thank you

maybe i am too bad at gaming  but i couldnt seem to figure out how this game work. lol. On  day 13 14, it kept reminding me of Daz event at evening but i couldnt seem to find him anywhere.

In the game center i guess. He invited me to play the “card game” with him.

when i tried to play game with Porter it said Error: failed to load Pudgy_1.png

The script is out of the space. So well written and emotional. I wonder Kol will have more H-scenes.