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I tried this game on my stream last night, thinking at first that this would not be something for me. And I was wrong - this was a brilliant game and I had a ton of fun with it. Will purchase the physical release as well.

This would have been a great game if there were only a few checkpoints. Its just not fun to start from the beginning when you die in an adventure type of game. For run'n'guns or platformers sure, but the whole thing about discovering objects to get further is only fun once. Love the visuals, and the game kinda caught me for a while, but I couldnt get myself to play from the very beginning again after dying a few times.

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Not sure if my plus/4 is fugged.. but i cant get this to load from the pi1541

EDIT: My plus/4 is fugged :(

I was gonna test this real quick on my stream the other night, but I couldnt stop playing. Its a great deal of fun, interesting attack waves and good controls. Cant wait to see the full version later on.

Tell all your friends to get this and compete for the highest score - youll have a blast