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Thanks you for the kind words and feedback in your video :)

Thanks for playing and making a video!

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Which levels did you find frustrating if you don't mind me asking?

Looking forward to what you think :)

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"Pull" is a puzzle-platformer centered around one ability: throwing and magically pulling a ball. You'll venture inside a puzzle-filled castle from legends, and every now and then return to your hometown and speak with the villagers. Chase your dream and find the secret room inside the castle!

The game is based around puzzles, but it's storyline should also keep you engaged. Let me know what you think!

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Oh thanks. By new connection you mean traveling to an empty planet that was just connected? I thought setting spawn and travel at 50% meant they will spawn and replenish troops on friendly planets. :D I'll give it another go then.

I enjoyed it, won one main game, however not really understanding how the sliders really work stops me from replaying this.

Like, does the attack slider affect the rate of dots choosing to go to enemy lines? Or its their actual attack stat. Many times I've had the Travel slider maxed and dots didn't want to go to enemy planets.

Dang, the effort that went into this. It's a solid experience, and fun to play. I love the checkpoint sound :) Looking forward to a possible sequel in the future.

cute and charming :) 18/21 on second playthrough

Thank you for playing! ^^