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how do i play? i create a lobby and when i push connect it puts a error message (could not connect to peer <the ID>)

no problem at all! its a really fun game i play it once and awhile but it never gets boring its super fun, i hope you expand upon it 

Hey just a question how did you find this game? 

He was sadly the person who made him is not on the team at the moment 

Hello, its just a prototype were glad you like it its in very early development. 

hello i would really like if you could provide a .png texture because the game engine i use needs a texture (png or jpeg) i would really be grateful if you did 

Lol such good modeling tho

whats the kill key? i run up to peps and push kill and nothing happens


Its a very fun and cute game great job!

AHHHHH why its so hard i love the style tho

i really enjoy this game but i found two bugs

2:i have no idea how he got there

1: i dashed at the eyes but i telported into the wall

how to find/make a grenn fuser?

 please help!

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ending one done now ending 2

how do you use sword?