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Oh I can't imagine how difficult programming climbing mechanics (1st time too) must've been. But yeah amazing concept and you can really see the effort in it. Time crunch of 3 months woh yeah thats tight! You guys did really well and thanks for listenining!

Hey! My friend and I have a podcast and we reviewed your game! 
I really enjoyed the concept :)
Scratch that Itch

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Thanks to everyone whose purchased or claimed a copy~! It's really awesome to see and hope you've enjoyed your sci-fi shenanigans.

I'm working on a game where Players must run a Galactic Space Ball Event for powerful Space Empire Leaders to keep the peace. You can be a chef, decorator, etc. Everything must run smoothly or else~!

Dating Sim/ Fighting is a wonderful fusion~!!! 

Thanks soo much!!! And nailed it OP succubi is the vibe. Over the Top~!


This game is incredible! And the style my god!!! Oozing

Just finished making my game! I'll link on twitter (I'm StuartH_VA there)

This looks so simple and approachable~! Keen to try and make/play a game with this system asap!

Thanks :)

OOoo Amazing!

This design is Incredible~!

Really engaging and just makes you want to learn everything about the world its set!

Ah bugger! Fixed! Thanks for letting me know.

Will do :)

Hey, sorry I took so long to get back! Mind & Muscle are just different terms for the +'s you get to specific checks. So if it asks for a Mind Roll, you add any modifier there and any dmg you take will go to SANITY (Muscle-BODY) but I was considering using the threshold from the previous game so good to know!! 

Congrats surviving! you get a level up now when you try again :D And Companions are like items you can use multiple times (passively) But once you have 1 companion you have to "Sacrifice them" to be able to get another. Thank you soo much for testing !! This is all really helpful information. :)

Hey Damien, I'll add a clarifying page (just encase I didn't) but
-When BODY goes to 0 = You skip a day (Wed-then Friday) as if passing out.
-SANITY  0 you lose. Start again!
Mind and Muscle reset each day (which I might change) but you can increase them with items/your daily action. Hope that helped and thanks for the feedback! means alot!!  

1. A new product but will be released (free) for playtesting 1st! I'm aiming to update the Core one for free as I go. 
2. I'd say 3-4 though I have done 1on1 which was alright, GM just might have to tweak how much dmg things do/etc :)

Simple but effective! Love the design.

Not only fabulous wigs but ALSO Dyslexic and Disability accessible. Yessssss~!

Thanks :D

Just finished playing and it's just fantastic. Amazing stuff~!🤿

Yessss! This is...incredible!

This looks beautiful~! 

Simple and effective! Good dungeon to have on hand for any session.